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Does Yougo Mould have export licence?
Any professional exporter including Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd has obtained legal export licenses. Under the globalization trend, many countries have gained enhanced connectivity and increased trade. However, depending on the nature and destinations of the proposed goods, many governments of different countries conduct corresponding control over the import goods. For example, some exported software may involve confidential information concerning the security of the certain country, which requires the software exporter to gain legal export licenses to prove the software is safe for the target countries' use. Before delivering the goods, we will consult the relevant list, determine the "rating" or classification of our products, and know the export control of the target market, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Focused on product design and manufacture, Yougo Mould is one of leading providers of pipe fitting mould in China. We have accumulated the experience and expertise to ensure production reliability. The custom mould series is one of the main products of Yougo Mould. Under computer control, Yougo chair mould is processed through a series of heavy duty mixing systems to add more ingredients at a designated time and/or temperature. The product features an excellent image processing capability. It is able to quickly respond to switching between components and multimedia. Have a great molding experience with Yougo.

The equipment of professional staff is an indispensable part for the better growth of Yougo . Please contact.
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