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Why Fix Your Basement

by:Yougo      2020-06-08
Let's face it - repairing a basement isn't the most enjoyable task for homeowners to undertake. It tends to be a gloomy, damp and smelly task. However, it really is worth facing up to the problem and getting it sorted. There's a lot of gain to be had for a little bit of pain. Not convinced? Then read on. Reclaim some space Potentially, your basement could provide you with an entire floor of usable space. The conversion opportunities are boundless; you could treat yourself to a new lounge or bedroom, a playroom for the kids, a home office, or some guest accommodation. Add value to your home Many potential house buyers will run a mile from a property that's got a damp basement, so if you want to sell, get it fixed. The brave (or crazy) souls who are prepared take on a house with a damp basement will expect a discount of at least 10% off the asking price. So, why don't you just get the job done now and enjoy a dry basement for the remaining years that you own the house, and also avoid a last-minute panic when you do decide to sell? Experts suggest that refurbishing a basement can offer a greater return on your investment than adding a bathroom or home office, replacing a roof, or building a sun room. Best of all, it only costs half as much as a typical extension. Make your living space healthier A humid basement facilitates the growth of mould, rot, mildew and dust mites. Since the air in your home moves naturally upwards, allergens from these organisms rise up into your home, causing runny noses, headaches, breathing problems, asthma and allergic reactions. Mould, rot and dust mites need three things to survive - warmth, food and moisture. Homes will always be warm enough for them to thrive and will always provide organic material for them to eat. But you can do something about the moisture - waterproof and de-humidify the basement to below 60% RH (Relative Humidity). Prevent future expenses If ignored, basement flooding will inflict damage on pretty much everything you've stored in your basement, including all the furniture, electronics and documents. It will destroy dry wall, rot studs, wreck carpets and cause wood to swell and buckle. Since fibreglass soaks up water like a sponge, it'll all need ripping out. Damp also creates rust, which will spread over your appliances, utilities, tools and hardware. And don't forget the mould, which spreads upwards, leading to potentially serious damage throughout your house. To prevent expensive remedial action in the future, get it fixed now. Transferable warranties If you get the professionals in (and we strongly suggest that you do), they can provide you with a lifetime warranty that can be transferred to whomever you sell the house to. Avoid stress It's well documented that basement water damage and flooding are hugely stressful events for homeowners. The aftermath of this type of disruption can cause long-term stress as well as a financial burden, so don't leave it to chance - get your basement repaired by the professionals.
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