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What Is Black Mold And Is It Harmful?

by:Yougo      2020-06-12
In nearly all houses, you can spot a greenish black mold in areas that are moist and not well-ventilated. There are several types of molds, but you cannot distinguish their type unless you get them tested by a laboratory. It is an infamous greenish black mold that is known to be a serious health risk. It is known as Strachybotrys chartarum and also as Strachybotrys atra. This mold has been fatal for babies due to causing respiratory bleeding, bronchitis and asthma. All molds found in homes are not necessarily harmful, but it is strongly advised to get rid of any mold that is found in the house. In houses, heating ducts, ceiling panels, insulation, tiles, cupboards, cellars, attics and any area that has plumbing like the kitchens and bathrooms should be thoroughly checked. In case you have locked up your house and are going on a vacation, you must check your house thoroughly to ensure if any type of mold has started growing inside your house. You should ventilate your house and remove any mold that might have started to grow. Houses in areas that are humid are more prone to be affected by mold. It can even grow under carpets. Mold spores travel quite easily, as they simply attach themselves to any moving objects, like humans, animals or shoes, and they can also come in through open windows and doors. They find places that are damp and moist and start thriving. Water seepage and constantly damp areas are the perfect home for them. The cupboard under the kitchen sink generally has the right environment for black mold to thrive. Never try to scrape black mold, as the spores will disperse in the air. If the contaminated area is very large, like if you discovered that the entire underside of a carpet has been infested by black mold, it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible; in this case, however, you may need the help of a professional. A number of people who suffer from bronchitis, asthma, dizziness, headaches and watery eyes do not realize that the cause of all these diseases is right in their homes. They will keep going to doctors with their complaints and getting prescriptions for medications. Very few doctors will tell or ask their patients to check if their homes have any black molds. In humid areas, it is best to install air purifiers that will reduce the risk of health problems due to black mold. Do a periodic check of your homes to ensure that black mold is not thriving in some hidden dark corner.
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