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Kia KV7 to Break The Mould

by:Yougo      2020-08-19
Ever since its inception we the car consumer have been led to believe that Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) cannot be sporty, fun to drive or exciting to look at. With its mould breaking designs seen on the Soul, Sorento and Sportage there is no better car manufacturer out there to change that mindset than KIA. KIA's American design studios have come up with a 'Activity' MPV concept called the KIA KV7 that they will be showcasing at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. The design team in California was briefed to challenge the notion that MPVs are strictly for family transportation. The designers have successfully created a vision of a vehicle with the functionality to transport a large number of people, and their belongings, while also serving as a connected social hub for groups of friends and adventure-seekers. The designers mentioned that inspiration for the interior and basic shape of the KV7 came from box shapes and sleek smart phones as well as some classic pieces of luggage. They may sound unusual but they combined well t produce an aesthetically pleasing and very practical interior design and layout. The most striking feature has to be the lounge-like interior which is accessed by a passenger-side gullwing door. When opened with the pillar-less front passenger door provides extraordinarily convenient access. It also allows the vehicle to open up to the outside world and become the sociable hub of an outdoor event. Unobstructed views of the passing scenery are provided by the concept's distinctive windshield, which follows the unique designs found on a newer used Kia in Tunbridge Wells.
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