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600 Meltblown die
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PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Spinneret Extruding Mould Die


Melt-blown spinning is to blow a molten polymer through a high-temperature high-speed gas to refine the polymer into a filament to form a nonwoven fabric.

1. Stainless steel wear resistant and corrosion resistant.
2. Hole number encryption, more output, energy efficient.
3. L/D( Length to diameter ratio) of 1:15, not easy to deform and long service life, reducing replacement costs
4. Automated machining center production, spinneret detail is perfect.
5. Innovative static mixer design for more uniform discharge.


Melt blown die head

1. Encrypted holes, more output
2. 1:15 aspect ratio, making strength and hardness higher, not easy to deform
3. CNC high-speed machining center processing, the hole wall is smoother and more refined.
4.Innovative design of the deflector, more uniform discharge, better quality silk.
5.Available in a variety of materials, any detail can be customized, meet your needs

Meltblown principle: the melting polypropylene, driven by pressure and air flow, forms tiny fibers, which are then sprayed onto the object and bonded into cloth. The spinneret is the core part of the melt blown fabric equipment. There are many spinnerets on the die for the melt to pass through. Its production and processing are very important, which is related to the production efficiency and quality of the melt blown fabrics. There are more than 300 ~ 2000 micropores in different die sizes. According to the different application level of the melt blown fabrics, the micropore diameter also has the size difference. 

For N95 mask which is in short supply at present, its aperture should be 0.2mm or less.

Conventional models 600MM, 800MM, 1200MM can also be customized in different widths according to customer requirements to meet different production line configurations and process requirements.





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