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Why Hire Novices for Your IT Lead Generation Campaign?

by:Yougo      2020-06-07
IT lead generation is tough work, there is no mistaking it. The number of experienced appointment setters that can generate sales leads is dwindling, making competition for top talent fiercer. For a simple IT consulting services provider, how will they be able to compete on this? Well, you might want to try using novices. Yes, I am talking about people who have less experience or no previous experience in terms of generating IT consulting business sales leads. While this might sound a bit against common sense, since you need experienced people to help you with the job, there are also underlying reasons for this strange tactic. First of all, you have to face the fact that retraining veterans to fit your current needs might take some time, and there is a high likelihood that they will not act exactly as you want them to be. By training novices, you get to mould them according to your requirements. As long as you have selected the people with the most potential, you can really bring out their best. Besides, the world of information technology is constantly changing. You need people who are always ready to adapt to these changes. It is crucial in making sure your IT lead generation campaign will succeed. Second factor is the actual training of veteran appointment setters. If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that changing bad practices are much harder to do than inputting new, and good, ones. You will be better off with newcomers in the business. They have not yet been exposed to the intricacies (as well as shortcuts) in the lead generation business. These people are more likely to perform better in your campaign than the veterans. Sure, they may stumble at the start, but that is only at the start. They will only get better on their job the longer they keep doing this. It will not be your loss in terms of sales leads. Lastly, there is also the issue of quality over experience. Sure, experience means a great deal, especially if you need to get new business to come in. But sometimes, this is also the same reason you fail in the campaign. Experience is like an auto-pilot: it does things automatically, without thinking. Experienced marketers might have a hard time picking up new information (the norm in the information technology industry), so they fail to come up with better tactics. This also means a lot in terms of the communication tools to be used. Think about it, there are social media, email, article publications, telemarketing, and a host of other mediums that can be used. Guess which one that veteran, but outdated, marketers will use. As you can see, hiring novices will be to your benefit. Of course, there are also disadvantages to it. For example, if you cannot afford to have an in-house team of appointment setting specialists. If that is the case, then you will need a solution. Among these is in outsourcing the job to a competent IT- specialized lead generation firm.
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