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Traits and Advantages of Montessori Schools

by:Yougo      2020-06-21
Montessori schools are interesting for the parents of the school-age children as well as those who want to know about an alternative way of educating the children. While many schools might claim to be Montessori schools, you should look out for the few factors which make Montessori a very different philosophy. A school might not maintain the standards which are necessary to be a true Montessori school. Also, even among the true Montessori schools the teaching methods vary greatly. That you can know by yourself by visiting a Montessori school in Chandler. In traditional schools, we approach learning with a desk and chair system where printed materials are used to share knowledge. However, a student might not be willing to learn those things and have some other abilities which the syllabus doesn't cover, still they are forced to learn those. In Montessori schools, the teaching method is different. The teachers there note the special interest or ability the student has and try to nurture that. Teachers guide them how to learn the basic knowledge needed for the human but using alternative methods. This makes students interested in learning and also they feel excited about the way they are treated. The evaluation system is different as well. The system followed here is proactive and also engaging. Students are often asked to prepare a theory, then asked to implement it and see the results by themselves. This way, the students can learn a lot in the practical way. As they try out their own theory, they focus and concentrate a lot on it, making it easier for them to learn quickly and efficiently. The teacher takes a back-seat and except for guiding the student now and then, he doesn't interfere with what the student is doing. Maria Montessori, the thinker who invented this system, believed that children can learn by themselves and they are curious enough to know. That principle is being followed by every Montessori schools in the world. The Montessori teachers know that it is better to make a student inquisitive than to lecture him or instruct him. By observing the student, the teacher will come to know the abilities and the interests of the students. The teacher will also be able to guide them in the right direction to know more about their interests. That is why Montessori schools are mostly junior high schools or elementary schools. Montessori high schools exist rarely, due to different reasons. Montessori believed that the mind of the student is most absorbing till the age of six. That is why she placed such importance on elementary schools. The way they can pick up knowledge during these years is just unmatched throughout the human life. When you check how much a man can learn during the different phases of his life, this theory stands true. Children's minds during these formative years are extremely active and curious. It is also easy to mould them the way you want. Thus, if they are encouraged to learn what they want to learn, during these years, they can become someone great in their profession. When you check every aspect of Montessori teaching method, you can see the benefits of this system on your child quite clearly. Not only academically he becomes more knowledgeable but also becomes a better human being. The child is taught that he will be rewarded for ingenuity. They will be encouraged to be inquisitive and learn more of their interest by themselves. That way, not only he becomes a freethinker but also a progressive torch bearer of the civilisation. They will come up with solutions nobody ever thought of before.
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