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Top Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

by:Yougo      2020-06-22
The one thing, that a professional web designer from any reputed web design south Florida company will tell you that, there virtually an endless amount of stuff that can be done with web pages. There are numerous choices available to anyone designing a pages but that does not mean that you can put anything and everything into a single page. There are several mistakes which people make while designing them-avoid these and you will have happy and satisfied visitors and a welcoming and well organized page. Browser Specific Web Pages The biggest mistake you will ever make is make your page optimized for Internet Explorer. People have switched to faster and better web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari etc. So if you create pages for IE only then not only are you making a wrong business decision but you are also intentionally reducing your page traffic. So if you put up a banner saying 'this page is best viewed in Internet Explorer', most people won't think twice before closing the tab-that's very bad business and customer service. Cutting Edge Pages Do not make the mistake of creating pages that use the latest in technology as most browsers might still be unable to display your page and you will end up losing your visitors. Avoid usage of new versions of HTML or CSS. If you are especially tempted to use them, then the usage should be minimal and not for the important parts of the page. Automatic Media Initiation Always respect the will and privacy of your customer. Do not embed music or video in your site which starts automatically. Your visitor might not be in a place where he/she requires music blaring out of his/her speakers; however wonderful the music might be! If you have to use auto-start of media, then keep an 'off' switch nearby. Put it in a visible area (not at the bottom of the site). By this you will show respect for your customer. Ambiguous Navigation Make your site navigation as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Put the navigation buttons on the top of the page and use the recognizable icons only. A web design Florida company found from research that using of flash navigation should be avoided for two important reasons. Firstly, it is hard for your customers to navigate and access content as flash takes time to load. Secondly, search engines find it difficult to index your page. Also do not mould the whole page to use flash content only and avoid flash splash screens, they are distracting and not to everybody's taste.
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