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The Way of Biodegradable Plastic is Still Long Away

by:Yougo      2020-06-19
Which kind of bag should be used for rubbish? Is the garbage bags bought in the supermarket safe enough? The environmental chemical expert Dong Jin Shi said in an interview that, many people use plastic bags quite casually. They use a shopping bag the bags which can't degradable. This not only wastes resources but also brings potential threat to the environment. Have learned that, at present, the total number of Chinese large and small sizes of plastic packaging companies is more than 60000, but most production of garbage bags can't degradation. Dong Jinshi, said residents in our country according to the daily use trash bags in 1 billion, each bag weighs 10 grams, so should be used throughout the year more than 2000, ten thousand tons of oil. Although garbage sorting processing have been introduced in some places, but the reality is garbage is put into different bins, but were swept away by the 'car' outfit, to handle and no classification. People use not degradable garbage bags will have a great harm to the environment. Reduction high polymer material co., LTD., Shanghai developed a biodegradable plastic bags, national plastic products quality supervision and inspection center after 122 days of testing, found that the degradation rate can reach 62%, the rest temporary objects into tiny particles of the soil and the air is harmless. This kind of biodegradable plastic bag adopts the patent technology of the United States and the European Union, the starch and non-biodegradable crushing into nanoscale after through special equipment, add a variety of materials for physical degradation of resin combination epigenetic output. By the national products quality supervision and test center tests, with degradation of resin production, 62% can 'change' for the water and carbon dioxide. Test report, according to the degradation of the staging after decomposition of resin content on soil and groundwater does not constitute a hazard. According to the international standard, in 2 months to 6 months, biological decomposition rate should be above 60%. Plastic bags are qualified in biodegradable plastic bags. Dong Jinshi believes that domestic plastic bag manufacturing enterprises are in urgent need of transformation of the mode of production, in order to save resources, protect the environment, in the production of biodegradable. What is a biodegradable plastic? Biodegradable plastic is to point to in the process of production to join a certain amount of additives, such as starch, modified starch, photosensitizer, biodegradation, etc.) Or other cellulose, stability, easy degradation in the natural environment. Test shows that most of biodegradable plastics in general environment exposure after 3 months begins to thin, weight loss, strength loss, gradually break into pieces. If these pieces are buried in garbage or soil, the degradation effect is not obvious. All kinds of plastic products have greatly enriched people's life, but slowly waste plastic in nature decomposition, completely decomposed to several decades, or even hundreds of years, therefore the degradation of plastic and reuse problems before today's all environmental chemists. Interestingly, however, degradable are not scientists have developed in the first place. Scientists are developing or have developed biodegradable application range is relatively narrow, still can't replace the plastic of the masses. And, of course, we believe in the near future, the degradation problems can be solved properly. Information from: plastic manufacturers
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