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The Properties of Copper By-products Make It a

by:Yougo      2020-06-28
The versatile properties of copper have made it a very useful metal in almost every sphere of our lives. It is usually molded into various shapes and sizes to meet various industry standards. Copper, a common element can be used in electrical and plumbing applications. It was supposed to be the first metal being used by man to make tools. Copper and its by-products like copper strip, flat wire, bar, and rods are extensively used in various domains. Since industrial revolution took place, one of the most common and popular use of copper is drawing it into a wire. Copper and its co-products and by- products find use in various industries like automobile, communication industry, electrical domain, construction companies and many more. Twisted Copper Wire has been used since early 20th century for wiring purposes when it comes to telephones and other telecommunication devices. Copper possesses higher electrical conductivity as compared to other metals except silver. This is why copper wire is frequently used for electrical wiring in homes and buildings. This wiring is also being used in home appliances, plumbing and air-conditioning systems. Coating the wire with tin makes it more durable and tensile. In tin copper wire each strand of copper is coated with tin. There are two modes for copper wire tin plating. Tin copper wire is produced either by hot dipping into metal tin or through the process of electroplating which uses a rectifier and electrical charge for the purpose. This wire resists corrosion and also possesses enhanced conductivity. It is often used in various marine projects. The metal copper is also used to make the wire in which glass coating is done over wire. While making glass wire, the metal in micro wire form is produced and is held in a glass tube which is closed at one end. The end of the tube is then heated for softening the glass to the temperature at which the metal turns into liquid state and the glass can be drawn into a fine glass capillary that includes a metal core. Such transformed Glass Wire is used by individuals and commercial users as it comes with high durability, high current saving capacity, high mechanical strength and many more attributes which make it usable in such diverse fields as the nuclear, chemical, robotic, biomedical or geothermal sector. Silver copper wire happens to be another wire that makes use of another metal to enhance the properties of copper. The silver copper wire is made through a process that involves heating the copper metal until it turns soft so that one can easily mold it to work with it.
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