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The Creative Custom Bobblehead Idea

by:Yougo      2020-07-01
Since the mid-1800's, custom bobble dolls have become one of the most popular gifts which we can find everywhere. With the popularity of DIY, more and more human beings are more willing to create custom bobblehead dolls by themselves. Indeed,it is a very interesting to create and design your own custom bobbleheads dolls,and more creatives which you can find with the using of the custom bobblehead dolls. We can buy an unpainted and pre-made custom bobble dolls to customize and design our own custom bobblehead dolls. We should know that we don't need to pay more attention on the technical aspects of the bobbleheads. We just need to paint a bobblehead dolls and use model paint,so that the colors don't smear or rub off over time. You should coat your bobblehead dolls with a layer of sealant or epoxy paint to prevent it from chipping or wearing down after completing your paint job. In fact,you can create your own custom bobblehead dolls by using some simple materials. You can use wire for the spring and pipe cleaners for the arms. And you can use a small plastic container for the body,such as yogurt cup. You can use a small styrofoam ball for the head. Then,you can create your own custom bobblehead dolls. To wrap the craft wire around a marker several times until it's tight. To remove the marker, keeping the craft wire in a curled spring shape. From here, poke a hole in bottom of the yogurt cup, place the spring in the hole and glue it until it's stable. Poke two additional holes in the sides of the cup, placing the pipe cleaners in these sides as arms. The Styrofoam ball should be secured on the top of the craft wire before completing your bobblehead. During Halloween or any dress-up part,you also can design and create some bobble costumes. You can create a life-sized bobblehead costumes by using papier-mache, balloons, plaster and felt. When it comes to the head, you need to blow up an extra large balloon until it's the right size for your costume. From here, coating the balloon in papier-mache will create a solid mold for the head. Once the head is solid, painting the papier-mache head with colored spray paint for the base and regular paint for the details will help you achieve an authentic look for the head. For costume itself, you can either wear pre-made clothing or design your own outfit using felt and other materials, depending on the specific look that you're going for. Of course,if you are more interested in the latest and the most unique custom bobble dolls,you had better to find a professional bobblehead maker. In professional dolls stores online,you can find all kinds of custom bobblehead dolls. You just need to tell your demands of custom bobble dolls,and you will get your unique bobblehead dolls as soon as possible.
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