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Prospecting In Malaysia With Telemarketing For

by:Yougo      2020-07-15
In any B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign, you must remember that finding prospects can be really hard. So why make it harder by not preparing before your call, right? Even if you have outsourced the work to a competent telemarketing company, you still need to be ready when you deal with the B2B leads coming in. If you are in the IT consulting business in Malaysia, most of your target prospects are the business' decision- makers. And we know for the fact that you cannot talk to these prospects on the fly. However, you do not want to lose your b2b sales leads due to ignorance. Thus, preparing yourself is your solution for a successful lead prospecting. And telemarketing is one of your options for your IT consulting lead generation campaign. To start with, you need to know your prospects first and you can do this in four easy ways: 1. Search online - in today's highly connected world, you can get information about your prospects from so many channels. Generating IT consulting leads gets easier once you have something concrete about the prospects that you can use to craft an effective sales strategy. You can use various sources like those released in company websites, publications, as well as the internet. There are plenty of useful details that you can use to improve your campaign. 2. Look for sales coaches - these are veteran telemarketers who fit into the mold of 'been there, done that', and are often very happy to share their knowledge with you. You can also seek the department heads of prospective companies you are offering your services to (look for those that will directly benefit from your offer). Ask these coaches on how to properly approach their companies. This is a win-win arrangement for the both of you. You should also use your company's own business network. You might be surprised at who among you in your IT consulting business can actually help you grab B2B leads. You might want to give this a look. 3. Consult the experts - in order to clarify details before you start your B2B lead generation campaign, it is best that you talk to experts or people in the know about your prospects. Ask them questions like the direction the company is going, the biggest issues faced, etc. Insider information can also provide you with a wealth of information that you can work on. Just make sure that you truly did your homework so as not to waste both your times with senseless chatter. 4. Go around the opposition - sometimes, when facing a brick wall during your telemarketing campaign, the best solution is to simply go around it. If a gatekeeper is an especially a tough one, you might not be able to turn them into an asset. The best you can do is to find another way to directly contact the decision-maker of your prospective companies. A little challenge should not discourage you from your work. These might be all you need in order to succeed in your B2B lead generation campaign in Malaysia. After all, you do not want your IT consulting services flounder in the business race.
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