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Polished Concrete Floors Why Do People Love Them

by:Yougo      2020-07-19
People love concrete floorings so much that they now have them indoors. From the art galleries in Chelsea, to retail outlets on Madison Avenue and the Banana Republic Store in SoHo, concrete floorings have indeed made a fashionable entry. Even celebrities are falling in love; Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Donna Karan, Robert Redford...the list is endless. Here's a list of reasons why people love concrete floors: - It's a single surface. Unlike tiles and stone, concrete does not leave grout lines or markings. The organic quality of cement and sand can be played to the hilt by a skilled professional. You can even choose from various cement oxides and play with colors and patterns. They're versatile and therefore a suitable solution for all floorings- commercial, industrial, and residential. - The problem with tile, stone and timber based floorings is that dirt and dust act like sandpaper on it, leaving obvious scratches that make the tile look dull. This unfortunately is also the problem with standard coated concrete floorings. But polished concrete floorings that use multiple levels of polishing ensure that your tile has a high gloss finish. This finish does not scratch easily and will last for a long time. - Traditional timber and carpet floorings are susceptible to accumulation of dust, mold, pollen and pet dander. Allergies are a given in these homes. But polished concrete eliminates dust. Besides, they're easy to clean and hence maintenance free. - Standard concrete floors break as they age. They're prone to wear and tear caused by rain, cold, surface stress and even improper curing. This is also the case with conventional flooring options. But polished concrete floorings are very durable and can resist the vagaries of weather. - They enhance the beauty of the floor and even reduce cost of lighting. In fact, people using these floors have found that energy bills have reduced because of the flooring. - They're easy to maintain as well. Most flooring needs constant maintenance and aggressive scrubbing, but you can maintain polished concrete flooring with a simple mop wash. You don't have to wax or strip. And some of them are of such good quality, that they actually repel oil and other similar substances. Thus cleaning becomes very easy. - They're non toxic and hence used in industrial units involved in food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and the other hazardous industries. In fact, they're even preferred in hospitals. - They're comparatively green and will not likely end up in landfills like other flooring types.
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