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by:Yougo      2020-07-22
The development of plastic & its associated processing techniques has been a phenomenal episode in the history of materials science. The huge development that took place in the last 60 years and the use of plastics in product design & manufacture has spiraled at a rate unparalleled by conventional materials. With a wide range of properties available, plastics have become one of the most utilized materials in the world today. It is also well accepted that plastic product design is very critical due to increasing significance of: * Product liability claims * Growing environmental concerns * Increasing awareness about quality costs Product liability can be the most detrimental factor. It can result in settlements & penalties in the order of thousands of pounds, particularly when failure has resulted in personal injury or death. In addition to litigation financial costs, it causes loss of product perception, brand credibility & manufacturer reputation. It is imperative therefore, that plastic product design must be devised in an ergonomic and efficient manner to ensure that the product performs all desired functions effectively, is economic to manufacture, is profitable to sell, suits the needs of the customer and is safe and economical to operate. Some of the common faults in plastic product design include: 1. Use of inappropriate equipment process 2. Shots, bubbles and sink marks in product 3. Post moulding shrinkage 4. Warping 5. Foreign body contamination 6. Voids or cosmetic dis colouration and splay marks 7. Poor material homogeneity, weld lines and spider lines 8. Self contamination 9. Residual stress 10. Molecular orientation 11. Excessive crystallization 12. Inadequate packing, scorching, jetting or flashing However, before you hit the panic button, there is a simple solution to get rid of all these problems and ensure that your product really stands out amongst the reliable and valued brands in the market. A product design company provides effective, specialized and practical product design service to give you the best solution while selecting the design of your plastic product. A product design consultancy is a specialist in its domain. It analyzes individual client needs while presenting them with innovative design concepts to meet their needs in a cost efficient manner. It collects all required information regarding client expectation and employ formalized techniques to turn them into concrete product concepts. Detekt design is a reputed Plastic product design company that also specializes in designing I phone cases. We have experienced designers for plastic products and have helped many entrepreneurs through Design Prototyping UK, Product Industrial Design UK.
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