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Plastic molding Overview

by:Yougo      2020-07-20
The production of plastic products is a complex and arduous process, its purpose is to use all the methods that can be implemented, according to the inherent properties of all kinds of plastic, making it the object has a certain shape and have a value in use or amorphous material. In addition to the processing technology, the cost of production and the quality of the products should be listed as the key points of consideration. Plastic products production system is composed by four continuous process of molding, machining, modification and assembly. The molding is various forms of plastic materials (powder, pellets, solution or dispersion) made of the desired shape of the article or the blanks process, it is most important in the four processes , which is the production of all plastics, or profiles must process. There is a lot of forming kind, such as a variety of molded, laminated, and rolling. Another three processes, are usually based on the requirements of the article to choice, that is, not every product are required to complete pass through these three processes. Machining is to drill holes in the work piece after the molding, cut threads, turning or milling process, it is used to complete some work which the molding process can not be completed or not completed accurately. The purpose of modified is to beautify the surface appearance of the plastic article, in addition, to improve the dielectric properties of the plastic article required to have a highly smooth surface. The assembly is to connect the various components which has been completed or supporting the process of a complete product. Mechanical processing, modification, assembly of these three processes is sometimes referred to as processing. From the point of view of the contrast, the process is often second fiddle. Injection molding (injection molding) is an important method for thermoplastic molding products, in addition to a handful of thermoplastics, most of the thermoplastic molding can use this method. In recent years, injection molding is also successfully applied to some thermosetting plastics. The injection-molded article accounts for about 20 ~ 30% of the plastic article, especially in the plastic as the material of engineering structures, its use expanded from civilian to various fields, and gradually replace the traditional metal and non-metallic material. Furthermore, it is also indispensable in the development of cutting-edge technology. Injection molding process Closing the injection mold, and then heated cylinder is full of plastic raw materials which sent from the hopper of the injection molding machine, heating and melting into the flow state, relying on the plunger or screw driven through the barrel front end of the nozzle, injected into the closed plastic mold. In the case of a pressurized, after cooled and solidified, molten plastic material which filled the mold can maintain a given shape of the mold cavity. Finally, open the mold and remove the products. The time of one cycle of injection molding is from a few seconds to several minutes, and the length of time depends on the type of the products, the size, shape, thickness, injection molding machine, and the species and process conditions of the plastic and other factors.
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