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Optimization of Plastic Injection Molding Processes

by:Yougo      2020-07-26
The turn of the 20th century saw an upsurge in the use of plastic for a range of applications in industries for the manufacturing of products and other subsidiary materials. Industrial plastic molding has facilitated the mass manufacturing of a range of consumer goods. While there are a number of non molded materials such as paints and adhesives that are made out of plastic, manufacturing molded products continue to be the largest use of this material. What does Molded Plastic consist of? Typically, compounds such as thermosetting and thermoplastic compounds are used to form moldable plastic materials. Thermosetting compounds use phenol-formaldehyde resins that are mixed with a filler material like asbestos to be pressed into a desired shape when the heat wears off. Thermoplastic compounds can be heated, cooled and also re-heated again. Methods of Molding Plastic injection molding and compression molding are the two popular systems employed to create plastic products. While injection molding requires thermoplastic compounds, the latter uses thermosetting materials to manufacture products. How Does Injection Molding Work? Typically, injection molding is a cyclical process which may range between 10 to 100 seconds depending on the time taken to cool down the melted plastic. The hopper of the molding machine is fed with hard plastic pellets which is melted and then strained into a mold through a syringe like nozzle with the help of a long screw which is fitted in a heated cylinder. Optimizing the Injection Molding Process It has been quite a challenge for manufacturers who produce products using the compression molding method to meet the quality and cost demands. Manufacturers need to be a lot more conscious and stringent in their production processes for the purpose of delivering cost-effective results without compromising on the quality of the product, so that they are able to match global demands and beat the ever increasing competition. Quintessentially, plastic molding manufacturers are conscious about the following factors: 1. Mold Design 2. Performance of the Machine 3. Part Design 4. Processing Environment While the part and mold designs are typically a onetime exercise, dynamic factors such as processing conditions due to wear and tear of machines, changes in the world environment and quality consciousness of the labor has a tremendous impact on the quality of the end product. In today's competitive scenario, there is no room for trial and error. Thus, it is important for plastic injection molding units to determine the parameters and set stringent protocols, which facilitate high standards in productivity, cost, and quality of production.
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