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Mold Remediation and Health

by:Yougo      2020-08-05
If it seems that you continuously appear to be sick or that you discover you have shortness of breath while in your own home, it may be wise to have the house examined for mold. Inhaling mold spores can cause sneezing, runny nose, and a scratchy throat. This is the immune system trying to remove these spores from the lungs. If you find that you are experiencing these symptoms in the home, a mold remediation team should be sent in to find if mold exists in the house. While symptoms such as these can be tolerable for people in good health, in some people, the mold can cause a much more adverse reaction. People with asthma for example, can have asthma attacks that are started by breathing in mold spores. These attacks can be mild and be nothing more than a dry, persistent cough, however in more severe cases, breathing can become labored and difficult, potentially leading to a life threatening situation. For those who suffer from asthma, it is vital to have a mold remediation team examine the home and do a professional job of making sure that the mold is not just killed, but actually removed from the home. New parents should also be keenly aware of any mold that may exist in the home. For a new baby, being exposed to indoor mold may cause the baby to develop asthma. It will also make that baby more likely to develop an allergy to mold in the future. This can then lead to all sorts of respiratory problems the baby will experience throughout its life. If young parents have a problem with mold in the home, the an expert can examine whether or not the new baby is at risk and take necessary steps to keep it safe. According to Occupational Health and Safety Administration, indoor mold is a growing problem for all segments of the population. It is expected that the number of homes with mold will continue to grow, and with that the adverse health effects of these mold spores. While removal is great, it is best to prevent the mold from forming in the first place. To this end, patch any holes or any leaks immediately, cleaning up any water that may have come into contact with a surface. Like all organisms, mold needs water to grow and to thrive. By cutting off any potential water sources, mold will not have a chance to grow. It is important to do this because mold is a naturally occurring and is around us at all times. If mold spores find water or find stagnant food, they will then have the nutrients necessary to grow. The classic children's science experiment is to leave out a piece of bread and watch as the mold spores land on the bread, growing exponentially in a short time. The spores can do this because the bread contains some water molecules (as does the air around us) and also contains a food source for the mold to grow quickly. If left unattended in an attic or leaky basement, the mold will grow just as quickly on walls or the floor, causing serious health problems for those who breathe it in. If you do have a mold problem, be sure to hire an expert in the field to remove the mold from the home. Some second-rate contractors, for instance, may simply kill the mold without removing it. The mold experts need to not only remove any and all traces of mold from the home, as well as identify any potential spots that need shoring up to prevent the mold from returning.
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