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Keep Furniture Looking New With Outdoor Furniture

by:Yougo      2020-08-20
With fall fast approaching, families still have time to fire up the grill and enjoy hot dogs cooked out, barbeque parties in the backyard, and hamburgers made to order. Having colorful wicker chairs outdoors and a dining set creates a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for guests to enjoy your outdoor parties. However, the sun, humidity, and rain do not help your wicker chairs or dining set to stay nice all year long. What can you do to make sure your furniture is not ruined by accidental spills, humid temperatures, or the weather? Proper care will ensure wicker chairs and dining set will last longer Dusting your wicker chairs and dining set will prolong its beauty and allow your guests to enjoy them longer. You can use the brush attachment on your vacuum to remove dust. However, if stubborn pet hair gets in your wicker chairs made of rattan wicker, you can use a new paint brush to brush the hairs out. An ice pick or tweezers may be used to pull out pet hair as well. Did guest spill their drink on your chairs, made of reed wicker? If so, this can easily be cleaned with a little light detergent or Murphy's oil and water. However, be careful if you spray your wicker chairs with water. Water can take the finish off your chairs and dining set. A preventative measure you can use to protect your furniture is making sure a rattan sofa and your wicker outdoor chairs have outdoor furniture replacement cushions. What is the proper size to ensure a good fit of any outdoor furniture replacement cushions? You want the cushion to be a few inches bigger than your chair seat, so it hangs a bit over the edge. Washing outdoor furniture replacement cushions protects against sun fade Regular washing of your Outdoor furniture replacement cushions helps protect against sun fade and takes care of any spills that may have gone unnoticed. Cushions can be cleaned simply by wiping them with water and a little dish detergent. Hang the outdoor furniture replacement cushions up to dry in the sun for a few hours. This will ensure your Wicker dining set stays looking nice for when guests come over. Mould on your Wicker chairs can be reversed if caught early. Vacuum your furniture first. Then, use a solution of water and bleach to remove the mould. Do not sit in any chairs until they are completely dry after treatment.
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