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How to Use Plastic Products in Daily Life

by:Yougo      2020-08-26
Plastic products have been necessary products in people's daily life. To this point, some experts said to citizens that do learn how to use the different plastic products in right way to avoid causing healthy hidden danger. Plastic mineral water bottles and carbonic acid beverage bottles usually have high transparency; many people like to keep the bottles with good style to store soy, acid and other liquid. In fact these kinds of plastic bottle cannot recycle use and the using temperature should not exceed for 50 degrees Celsius. The high temperature not only cause the transformation of bottle, but also produce harmful material, so do through these kinds of plastic bottles after use. The plastic food storage box, bento box and water box can be used after clearly clean, while they are also easy to breed germ, so do not storage food with these box. Besides, you should notice that the plastic container which can store food must have QS identification. Plastic containers without the identification cannot store food. To the plastic articles like water tube, schoolbag, raincoat, gas-filled toy and so on, when they meeting with high temperature and oil, the additive of these articles (plasticizing agent) which is easy to separate out and do harm to health. Plastic preservative film and food packaging have low heat resistance. Generally, common PE preservative film will have hot melting phenomenon when the temperature is exceed 110 degrees Celsius and leave with plastic preparation which body cannot resolved. If you want to heat the food wrapped with preservative film, the oil in food is easy to dissolve harmful material in preservative film into food. However, it can use to refrigerate vegetables and fruit without oil. The plastic bento box which specialized used for microwave oven can used to microwave heat and resist with high temperature of 130 degrees Celsius. It can be recycle use after careful clean. When purchasing these kinds of bento, customers must pay attention to choose the products with QS identification and triangle explain. Do not choose the bento box with color. Above are some notices for you to have a brief understanding of using the plastic products in right way, so to keep health.
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