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How To Recycle And Reuse Corrugated Boxes And Plastic

by:Yougo      2020-08-27
Across the United States, municipal waste sites are being filled with materials that should not be there. Nearly 45 per cent of the waste is cardboard and paper while plastic products take up another 25 per cent of the space. Although plastic is considered 'biodegradable' it never dissipates, it just changes form because plastics products are made to last forever. Both corrugated plastic and corrugated boxes are recyclable; in fact most corrugated box manufactures use recycled materials for their production of new products but besides recycling, there are many different uses for these materials that will keep them out of landfills. Here are just a few quick and easy ideas on how to reuse corrugated plastic: Corrugated plastic panels not only are lightweight and impact resistant but they are also chemical, UV, and weather resistant as well. The translucent panels can be used for replacement windows in greenhouses or as a barrier to stop the elements from getting at newly planted gardens. Corrugated plastic is durable enough that it can be used to make enclosures from rabbits, ferrets and small rodents. If exact corners are need or for difficult cuts a shooting board can be used. When cut into decorative shapes, PP sheets (polypropylene sheets) has unlimited uses. A PP sheet is available with a plain or gloss surface and it is also available as matte or embossed. Attached to magnets or a wooden back, they make great dry erase blackboards and they are commonly used as an inlay on kitchen cabinets. Plastic containers make a fun and functional project for children by making bird feeders and bird houses. Take a gallon milk container and cut a round (or square) hole where the label is, decorate it and then attach to a tree or fence by the handle. It can be filled with seeds or left empty to use as a nest. Here are just a few quick and easy ideas on how to reuse corrugated boxes: Most decorative boxes sold in the stores are really just a plain cardboard box which has decorative material on it. By decorating a used box with wallpaper, fabric or paint, it will fit in any decor and is as sturdy as a store bought one. In the garden, corrugated boxes make great planters. When planting a new tree or shrub plant it first in a box that is twice the size of the root ball. Then insert the box into the ground and cover with dirt. The box will help hold the moister around the roots and will stop other plant roots from infiltrating it. The box will decompose over time; in fact, most mulch is made from recycled cardboard. Telescope boxes (the type used to ship bananas and fruits) make great nesting boxes for kittens or any other small mammal. They are made to have air circulating through them so the ventilation holes are already there and they are deep enough so small animals cannot escape when left unattended.
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