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How To Avoid Hearing Damage When Using Headphones?

by:Yougo      2020-09-06
Your ears are very delicate, prolonged exposure to sound pressure levels above 85dBA will cause damage to your hearing. If you have ever been to a party or to a concert where loud music was played, you may have experienced Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS). This temporary loss of hearing can become permanent if exposure is done on a regular basis. If this happens, you will never hear fully again. The only real solution then would be to be fitted for a hearing aid - not an attractive prospect for anyone, especially a teenager. One way to tell if you've been exposed to excessive sound pressure levels is that you tend to hear a ringing in your ears.Ringing in your ears, hissing, clicking or buzzing sounds all represent the effects of tinnitus, which is often a side effect of noise-induced hearing loss. Inner-ear cells are sensitive to vibrations. But if they're damaged, the ears will still record ringing or buzzing, even when there's no sound. Remember, it is your high frequency hearing that deteriorates first. Think of what music would sound like if you couldn't hear anything above 10KHz: just like with a crummy old transistor radio or listening to music over a telephone (no cymbals or high pitched instruments, voices sounding deadened). Protect yourself or just turn it down! The high frequencies are lost first, so you may have difficulty hearing high-pitched voices. Loss of high-frequency hearing makes many words sound alike, especially those containing the high-frequency sounds S or soft C, F, SH, CH or H. Words like 'hill,' 'fill' and 'sill' may sound exactly the same. Musician's earplugs are not intended for maximum attenuation. For that application, conventional foam or fully sealed pre-moulded hearing protectors or earmuffs are recommended. Existing earplugs attenuate more than necessary for much of the noise in industry and the environment.Regardless of their exact construction, existing earplugs produce 10 to 20 dB of high frequency attenuation and the result is that people often reject them because they can't hear speech clearly.Conventional earplugs make the wearer's own voice sound hollow (known as the occlusion effect).Many people risk their hearing by either wearing earplugs loosely or wearing no protection at all so they will be able to hear voices, machinery or music more clearly. Finally, cotton wool and tissue are useless. They only reduce sound by less than 7 dB. Custom fit earplugs, worn by many musicians, are made from an impression of the ear canal taken by an audiologist or other hearing health professional. The impression is sent to a lab, where the final ear-mould is made. Beats by dr dre, which is available on beats by dr dre, are comfortable and easy to insert correctly, and filter sound better than disposable headphones.
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