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How is Gold Made into Jewellery?

by:Yougo      2020-09-02
For generations past and to come, Gold has been the most lovable piece that people have loved to wear, for its beauty, status and ceremonial reasons. Of all the small decoration people wear gold jewellery, which has become an all-time favourite around the world. Its limited availability, glory and shine have also made it a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Gold has always been a profitable commodity used for resale by the jeweller. As small an ounce can also be bent and stretched to make beautiful necklaces. It is first melted using hand-held blow torch, or kiln oven. Once it is melted, then bent and poured into a special mould where it is allowed to get hardened. Once it gets cooled and hardened it is removed from the mould and a trained jeweller then polishes and gives shape to it. Making gold jewellery is the most expensive and time consuming than making other forms of it. But the reward one gets when that is sold or gifting it to someone dear and near makes up for the difficult process. It is believed, that about 65% that is processed is used by the arts industry to make stunning gold jewellery. There are various methods which are used in giving shape to the raw gold to jewellery, which is lost wax casting and sand casting. Special wax is shaped and hand pressed into the desired form. From there on the wax is fired and a coating of ceramic is given; the wax disappears leaving a ceramic shell. The shell is stored in a plaster form and the plaster hardens. Gold starts melting down and it is poured into the mould. When it starts cooling the plaster melts away in water or starts breaking up. The ceramic is then broken by hand and that piece is removed, which develops rough spots and to cover these spots precious gems are added into the spot which turns out to beautiful stunning gem embedded jewel. There is another older method used for making gold into jewellery which is sand casting. This method is primitive and is not used by professionals. Gold is poured on the sand and hand pressed which in turn brings out beautiful primitive looking jewel. Gold can be made into many types of jewellery such as necklaces, rings, and brooches. There are a lot of various mixtures that go in making the gold jewellery which creates around four standard types. These are 10 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat and 22 karat gold pieces. When it takes its purest form it is considered 24 karats; but this turns out to be too soft to be made into a jewel so it has to be mixed with other metals. The number of karats determines how much gold is used in a particular piece of jewel, for example, 18 karat is 75-percent. There are different shades which are produced by using different metals or alloys. For instance, silver is used to create green tone jewellery, iron is used to create blue tone, copper creates reddish colour and palladium or nickel creates jewellery made of white gold.
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