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High Pressure Cleaning Advice

by:Yougo      2020-09-09
High pressure cleaning refers to the use of the combination of pressure and water to clean and remove dirt, grime and mould from outdoor surfaces. High pressure cleaning can be used to clean concrete, pebblecrete, sandstone, tennis courts, outdoor tiles, pavers, bricks and timber decking. There are various models and makes of high pressure cleaners, ranging from domestic to commercial. The rate of output pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). As well as various machines, there are also numerous pressure cleaning accessories available to compliment your machine. General Cleaning Advice Prior to undertaking any pressure cleaning, ensure you check the latest water restrictions as the use of a high pressure cleaner may be illegal in your state or territory. Prior to the commencing pressure cleaning, to assist your process, remove any leaves and debris from the surface prior to being cleaned. Remove any furniture or electronics from the area. Prior to the starting of your machine ensure that all hoses are attached and water is running. Avoid running the machine dry to enhance the machine durability and performance over the long term. Upon starting the machine allow a minute to pass to allow the machine to build pressure. Select the desired throttle level to choose the pressure level required for the surface you're about to clean. If using a pressure gun or turbo attachment, ensure that there is a slow constant controlled movement of the pressure gun. This will eliminate the likelihood of missing patches of dirt and creating a streaky finish. Do not use the pressure gun too close to the surface as this will remove the top layer of the surface. General Cleaning Tips Dependent on the surface that you're cleaning, the use of industrial detergents or chemicals will speed up the process of cleaning. This is highly recommended as this reduces the machine running time, water usage and petrol costs. Do not use more pressure than what is required to clean the surface. In most cases, more pressure is not always better and quicker. Using forces too great on your surface will remove the top layer and damage your surface reducing its life . Pressure greater than 2500 PSI is usually not required for most domestic pressure cleaning. To reduce the time taken for large area cleaning, purchasing a rotary floor surface cleaner is the best option. This device is only available for certain industrial machines. All outdoor hard surfaces are unique and different, therefore the use of chemicals and detergents are vital in order to obtain a like-new appearance on your surface. Do take care when cleaning stencil driveways, sandstone, pebblecrete, tennis courts and timber decking. These surfaces are not able to withstand the high pressure that concrete and bricks can undertake. The High Pressure Cleaning Advice was kindly provided by Quickly Please Cleaning Service. Quickly Please Cleaning Service is found in the Hills District of Sydney.
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