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Getting Rid Of Black Mold By Yourself Without

by:Yougo      2020-09-13
Getting rid of black mold is easier said than done. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure and is more effective in keeping you healthy instead of having to pay for extensive clean ups by getting professionals to inspect the damage and then to have the place cleaned up. Humidity is one of the key elements of mold which grows and spreads in moist, damp and humid conditions. Such environments are breeding grounds for the mold and it's not easy to keep them free of it all the time. However, by taking certain precautionary measures, it should be possible at least to control its growth so that it does not spread uncontrollably throughout the house. The worst type of mold is said to be the one that grows with the aid of water as its source of nutrient. This type of mold is very often seen in bathrooms where the environment is always damp. By keeping the shower heads, tiles and plastic curtains exceptionally clean, it's possible to prevent the mold from spreading too much. The most important thing is to keep the air circulating freely so that even in humid conditions there's no possibility of the black mold taking a hold on any surface for too long. Before you start removing black mold from a particular room in the home, contain the affected area as best you can by covering it with plastic sheets and duct tape to prevent the mold spreading into other areas. Use a dehumidifier to control the moisture level in the room and install an exhaust fan to direct the flow of air outdoors. This will also minimize the level of dust and lessen your own risk of being exposed while in the act of removal. An ionizer or air purifier can be used for this purpose although an ionizer is said to do a better job of removing smaller particles of mold in the air. Once this part of the procedure is complete, you have to scrub the infected area such as walls, ceiling, furniture etc. with soapy water and clean the area thoroughly. If certain items such as curtains are completely infected with the black mold, it's better to get rid of the items. Make sure you seal them up in plastic bags and avoid taking them through areas that are free of mold. Apply a strong disinfectant to all areas of the house regardless of being treated or not to ensure that remaining black mold will have no chance of breeding again. For your own protection you should wear a dusk mask to protect yourself from the dangers while the rest of the family should be instructed to move away from the house while the procedure is being carried out. You should also put on high efficient rubber gloves and goggles because eyes can be greatly infected by the mold. The rest of your body should be covered in protective clothing as well; something that can be discarded once the black mold removal treatment is completed. Make sure the discarded items are thrown far away from home, probably in a landfill so that it does not have a chance to germinate and infect a home once again.
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