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Five Solid Reasons That Make Teaching The Right

by:Yougo      2020-09-16
Teaching is the noblest of all profession. Did you know that being a professor in college or university commands respect at par with the judge in the US? The money you will make may not be much, but the respect it commands propels many to seek a career in teaching, not just in US but all over the world. It can be rewarding if only you can put some extra effort and the devotion it deserves. If you are in doubt about what I am saying, look back into the history that mankind has left behind. Do we remember the wealthy men of those years? No, not at all, but the teachers, yes we remember them. Here below are some good reasons why you should choose a career in teaching or if you are one already then why you should continue with it, and the most important of all is the sense of satisfaction you will have when you will call it off a day. The path to becoming a good teacher is full of struggles, but the day your students make it big in this world, it will give you all the satisfaction and recognition you had wanted. After all satisfaction and accomplishment is what we all aim to achieve in our life. Don't we? 1. As I said earlier, your students' successes are what will keep you going as a teacher, but don't expect everyone to perform their best. Try to understand that students come from different backgrounds and their potentials too are vastly different. So you are more likely see disappointments just as you will see successes. Get resigned to that fact and continue making your contribution to mankind. 2. Teaching unlike goods is never lost; the more you teach the more you gain from experience and new learning. Successful teachers keep learning throughout their lifetime, and they have to anyway. You will need to keep abreast of new developments that take place all over the world. So make it a practice to attend symposiums, seminars and orientation course as often as you can. Remember that to be a knowledgeable teacher you will have to be a good student as well. 3. What can be more invigorating than living the day with young men and women? Living with young people will keep you healthier and fitter throughout your life. Play sport with them in the evening, crack jokes or even join and enjoy parties with them. Good relationship with your students doesn't mean you knock down the fence between you and the students. Keep your dignity at all cost by keeping a safe distance even as you remain their darling. 4. There cannot be any other profession that gives a sense of absolute power, than being a teacher. You will be the king inside the class room and not even the mightiest can tell how you will go about teaching them. You can mould them as you want and when you want; to the students you are a demigod. They look forward to you to be guided in this world called maze. 5. Teachers are a rare commodity around the world, so job security is inherent to the teaching profession. If you believe in an honest life free from interference from anyone including your boss, then teaching is just the thing for you. But, to realize all that, you have to lead a life of self discipline and selflessness. You will need to be innovating all the while and use some of the best resources. Why not even try a Dish Network connection to get your daily dose of humor for your students? There is plenty of it there.
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