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Facts About Recycling Plastic

by:Yougo      2020-09-18
There are various facts about recycling which everyone must know. These recycled products always help the environment and the nature. People usually think that it is better to buy a new product instead of getting it recycled. There are certain facts about recycling which might change this perception of the people. There are few facts about recycling plastic which might amaze many people. These facts about recycling will make the people think that it is better to recycle plastic. These facts are mostly centered on plastic but it is better to have a recycle of each and every product to use and reuse it which might reduce a lot of environmental problems. The first fact about recycling plastic is that in United States of America every hour more than two and a half millions of plastic bottles are consumed. These plastic bottles are not only the drinking bottles but also the health products, cleansers, oil, lubricant etc. The important point to note is that most of the bottles are found in a dump. One of the most important facts about recycling is that plastic rings which hold the soda cans and the plastic garbage bags kill every year almost one million sea dwellers. The reason behind this is that most of the trash is thrown in the ocean, but plastic is lighter in weight hence it floats. While the sea dwellers take a dive sometimes these plastic rings get stuck in their wind pipe and they die. What if this plastic would have been recycled? This was one of the most dreadful facts about recycling plastic. Alone in United States of America more than twenty five billion products of Styrofoam are dumped in the garbage every year. The dumped product is non biodegradable. Thus the economy must look into the matter of recycling of plastics. There are several facts about recycling which might make you think that it is better to recycle plastic. The best fact is that if we do not burn these plastics and recycle them, it can help the environment in lots of ways. Firstly the energy used to burn it can be used at some other place. The energy used to recycle the plastic is half of the energy used to burn it. While burning the plastic many toxic elements are released in the atmosphere which might cause harm to it while recycling it will cause no harm.
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