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Factors And Symptoms That Can Help You Detect

by:Yougo      2020-09-18
Black Mold (or sometimes referred to as toxic Mold) is a type of fungi that is very harmful to humans. It usually grows in the form of porous and powdery substance in damp places; and it is quite possible that many of us might have it in our houses without even knowing about it. It usually grows in damp places with enough humidity; for example, bathrooms. Moderate temperature and little light are few factors that provide optimal conditions for the rapid growth of black Mold. However, toxic Mold is not only confined to your bathrooms or places under the sink in kitchens; it can also grow on walls, carpets, clothes, food, furniture (e.g. sofa or other articles made of leather), and equipments such as air conditioners, etc. The most important factor for black Mold development that you should be careful about is humidity. This can be caused in different places in the house because of a number of reasons; such as leaks in pipes, which may continuously drip water on the surface below. This in turn will form a favourable damp surface for toxic Mold development. Below are a few symptoms that you can check to see whether your surroundings are infected with black Mold fungi or not. Moist or damp surfaces: Although moisture does not necessarily mean that the place has black Mold growing on it but it can possibly provide the conditions to favour fungi growth. Yellowish, stained walls: Yellowish stains which are caused because of continuous moisture on a surface helps the initial growth of toxic Mold. Look out for green, brown or black coloured patches on such places and these could possibly mean fungi growth. These are the characteristic features of fungus. Odour: The first prominent sign of Mold growth is musty odour. An individual who is sensitive to change in environmental conditions or has respiratory problems may experience allergic reactions. This could mean that you have significant Mold growth in your house. Poisoning: Lastly, volatile organic compounds poisoning due to Mold growth is also one of the most prominent signs. To obtain nutrition, the Mold dissolves the surface it is growing on and produces volatile organic compounds as waste. These cause damage to the nervous and respiratory systems. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should promptly take measures to treat growth of black mold.
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