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Dangers of Mold in Your Home

by:Yougo      2020-09-24
Mold and mildew removal could be one of the most important, safest projects you will make on your property. You do not have to actually view the fungi to know a colony has developed somewhere inside your home or business. Mold may have spawned in areas that you have not thought to inspect for, and you may have no idea there is anything causing the growth. Anytime water unexpectedly reveals itself in uninvited areas of your home, the potential for growth exists. If you have reason to believe moisture is exceeding your property's weatherproofing, you should quickly take action. When mold hits your building, you may not even know of it until you start to notice some of the symptoms. Those health hazardous indicators may include, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the following: In extreme cases, mold may cause memory loss, dizziness, headaches and even a compromised sense of smell. For those who are more prone to infection, mold is a greater danger. Various allergic reactions are frequent. Physical reactions to mold may be delayed and cause asthma with prolonged exposure. There are many reasons why this growth may fly under the radar, including the fact that mold is a fungus, so it does not require energy via photosynthesis. All mold needs is any given dark corner and adequate moisture to kick-start a modest colony in your building, which can quickly expand. Spores can come into your home at any time, creating the possibility for a mold farm. Additionally, this fungus may grow at cold or warm temps - down to below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below, which is roughly the setting of most refrigerators. In fact, this tough growth can even withstand the toxicity of jet fuel, and it has been known to survive in areas of Antarctica. The bottom line is, once mold is established on your property, there will always be tiny spores hitching on tiny dust particles. It is therefore crucial to A) prevent mold from ever colonizing your building and B) if it already has, make sure unexpected moisture does not occur after an incident. Water and moisture in general is a ubiquitous part of our lives - it is an essential factor of life, but it is also very destructive and mold can be a consequence. The best way to deal with this fact of life is to go head on with our mold and mildew removal.
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