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Concrete Polishing Is The Best For Your Floors

by:Yougo      2020-09-29
When you polish your concrete floors, you get a smooth mirror effect that makes your home stylish. Sealing concrete floors makes them durable, but there are more benefits to polishing your floors. In terms of sustainable building, concrete polishing or concrete sealing beats the rest and remains attractive. The following benefits explain why this is the ultimate solution, especially for industrial floors. 1. Easy surface maintenance Polished floors do not cause problems when exposed to dirt, grease or oil. In case of spills, which would cause stains, polished floors need a thorough wiping with a good detergent, and they will restore their appeal. Polish repels dust and lowers the cost associated with cleaning services for your home or office. Cleaning minimizes the need for hazardous chemicals, as is the case for other floors that lose their appeal after a short while. 2. Protection from abrasion Soon after finishing concrete floors, many families discover that some parts wear off faster than others do. This happens when certain areas of the house have a load of traffic compared to others. Sometimes floor mats can reduce this effect. However, a permanent solution is available with polishing. When polishing, you can choose standard solutions or diamond options. Diamond polished floors are pricey but they last longer. They are also good for areas with very high human traffic such as office floors. 3. Attractiveness Polish leaves floors with a magnificent mirror finish. Polish blocks the porosity of concrete. It keeps out moisture and prevents the growth of mould, which would make a new floor appear old. For industrial zones, concrete polishing prevents the tire markings such as those caused by forklifts. 4. All weather Polished floors will withstand all kinds of weather and are suitable for indoors and outdoors. Winter destroys concrete floors because of freezing and thawing. Without the sealer, your floors will crack and lose their appeal. Besides, you will have to do regular repairs after every winter. 5. Insulation and light efficiency It is good for insulating heat in rooms. Good heat insulation reduces the energy costs of keeping rooms warm in winter. Moreover, the floors are fire resistant. This ensures that damage is at a minimum. The mirror effect of the finished floors lets light bounce off to illuminate the room, which is also a good strategy to keep off molds. 6. Relatively cheap When using this method, the existing floor is used as a base, and this eliminates the need of putting up a completely new floor. There is minimal removal or material when polishing concrete, and other than the dust caused by grinding, there are no harmful chemicals or gases used during the construction. On the other hand, other floors rely on adhesives that are made of volatile organic chemicals. There are fewer costs for maintenance as the owners do not have to buy these chemicals. The lack of additional materials eliminates major transportation and labor costs and compared to eco-friendly alternatives, the cost benefits are obvious. Moreover, with other types of floors, there is need for regular replacement whose costs might exceed those of the initial installation; this is not something to worry about when you polish your floors.
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