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Cakes Their History Rituals And Where to Order Them Online

by:Yougo      2020-10-07
Ever wondered where the cave-era tradition of consuming cakes during festivities originated from? Well, it is not exactly cave era, but, the legacy behind it dates back to the ancient Roman era where people believed in indulging themselves to the hilt in every facet of their lives. In short, their lives were a never ending party and sweet breads aided a lot in their merry making. One such fine evening, the Romans decided that they were bored of the plain Jane sweet bread and decided to add a layer of cream, which they consumed independently till then. Voila! We got the finest gift ever, a cake. The ancient scriptures tell us of stories about how Romans could not get enough of their cakes and complained of stomach aches for days after they had their first fills of cakes. From Rome the popularity of cakes reached a dizzying magnitude and spread to neighbouring Macedonia where they became the first choice of festive gorging, ranking above even meats and pork. It was in Macedonia where variants of cakes like pastries got their mould. Pastries were meant for smaller gatherings to signify a small festival or even a guest dropping in to home. Macedonia, being the ultimate trading hub back then, welcomed many traders coming in from all parts of the world. These traders also came to gorge on the creamed delight and understood the potential this delicacy had. They, in turn, took it to their respective countries in Europe and Asia and in no time, the cake was ubiquitous. These countries did their custom modifications to cakes, for example, the French added a layer of cheese to their cakes and the British added fruit toppings like strawberries and pineapples to them. From here, cakes got introduced to their colonies like India and other African countries making the circle of popularity complete. With progressing eras, came the advent of internet and came in many online cakes delivery services. People living far away from their loved ones now have a multitude of options where they can order cakes online. One such portal which delivers magnificent online flowers is Country Flora. Currently they deliver only in India but with the sheer growth they have seen in the past 3 years, they will soon start delivering in other countries as well. You can choose from a variety of flavours and if you have an order which does not lie in the purview of flavours displayed online, you can call them and ask for your custom flavour, which they will procure and deliver. Send cakes to India with a mere click and let Country Flora do the rest for you. Country Flora is the preferred online retailer for flowers and cakes in India. Using it's easy user interface you can now send flowers to your loved ones in 117+ cities in India. So, what are you waiting for ? Get clicking, right away!
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