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Breaking the Mould With Your Landscaping and Garden Design

by:Yougo      2020-10-09
Something I've always found frustrating about interior design is how similar most people make their properties. For most people a living room for instance means several items from a suit all pointing towards a television, while a dining room means a long table with some seats tucked underneath it. This of course is not highly inspired and it does mean that even a well designed home often fails to make any big impact or have that wow factor. But while this is frustrating what's even worse is exterior design which often lacks a lot of inspiration and ends up looking rather bland. How many gardens have you seen that have really stuck out in your memory? Most of them are little more than just a big patch of grass with some plants growing around the edges. So what could you do to make your gardens more exciting? Here are a few items and features that you could use to make this space a bit more memorable. Theme First of all, why not try going with a theme for your whole garden? Rather than making your theme 'garden', consider how you could tie together your garden art and how you could choose your plants in order to evoke a particular country or time period. How about a prehistoric garden? An aquatic garden? Or a Roman temple style garden? These are all relatively easy to imagine, but would be sure to make an impression. 'Zen gardens' are a particularly popular theme to consider. Alternative Furniture A lot of garden furniture is very samey, but there are more quirky and fun items out there. A swing bench is one of the more common things that you don't see that often, and that everyone loves to sit and swing on, but at the same time you could also look at having a swing chair hanging from a tree, having a garden bed, or creating a gazebo with cushions on the floor to create an Egyptian feel (great if you have some hookra pipes too!). Water Water can be very interesting in the garden and it's possible to get pretty ambitious here. Just including a swimming pool or a hot tub will right away make you the envy of the neighbours, but why not go further by having multiple layers and a waterfall? Or connecting your pool to a stream that goes around the garden with a bridge over the top? Or why not just install an impressive water feature that appears to defy gravity? Shelters The gazebo idea is one example of a more imaginative shelter for your garden, but how about having a tree house instead for something even more unique and fun? Or what about an 'office pod' for a very modern and high tech feel. Summer houses are also a lot of fun, as are pop up shelters. Garden Art Garden art is nothing new, but it is if you take it further. For instance, I knew someone who had a giant dragon in their garden that they made themselves form scrap metal. Now there was a conversation piece..
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