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Bond Rubber to Different Materials With Rubber Moldings

by:Yougo      2020-10-09
Quality rubber gaskets require careful design and selection of tooling, manufacturing processes and quality control. It is not the size or shape which is critical. Reputed manufacturers understand this and ensure that you are offered adequate options about design, development, prototyping and manufacture of top class rubber gaskets. A reputable firm with a long history of satisfied customers and innovation in the industry is the best choice for getting the rubber gaskets of your choice. When designing the rubber gaskets be aware that by making the profile too complicated this will not only affect the part cost but also affect the tooling costs largely. Extravagant undercuts would mean a complicated tool design so try and keep these to a minimum. One should consider several factors like temperature extremes possible, any chemical or solvent contact, bio-compatibility, electrical and RF requirements, exposure to sun and UV should be taken into view before deciding on the design for rubber gaskets.They also perform their respective jobs better while in operation. It should be remembered that rubber gaskets are often rubber moldings made to dies for specific applications. Look for specialists in rubber molding and bonding who can produce a vast range of rubber products for all sectors of industry worldwide. Ideally they should be able to bond rubber to metals, plastics, ceramics etc. and also mold different rubbers together where different hardness or colors are required. Check to see whether you can custom order from a wide collection of crown, cornice, chair rail, frieze and panel moldings to ensure that you get the maximum variety of rubber moldings. Among other things that you need to check are whether the company you are dealing with has a wide range of molding equipment suited to manufacturing different sizes and quantities of products. They should be able to mold small parts (a few mm in size) up to very large parts (more than 1000mm by 2000mm), from 1 off prototypes to high volume production runs. Another decisive would be whether they have a comprehensive mold library allowing the manufacture of various standard rubber molding items. After all this ensures manufacturing time scales are kept to a minimum.
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