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Black Mold Removal: Is it Safe?

by:Yougo      2020-10-11
Black molds are also known as 'toxic molds'. They are labeled as such because unlike any other mold types, black mold can cause health hazards. Black molds prefer to thrive in damp areas most especially in organic and inorganic materials that are cellulose or fibrous in consistency like paper, cardboard, bread, lint, ceiling, wooden panels, carpets and a lot more. Black mold can contaminate and start to cultivate in your household in cases where there is water flood damage and constant dampening in a particular area of your house caused by water pipe leaks. Initiate black mold removal as early as possible, so as to prevent it from spreading and contaminating other areas of your household. Upon contamination, black molds can proliferate in as short as 24-48 hours. By this timeframe, it may already cause great damage to your furnishings. Black mold removal is the only way that's appropriate to get rid of these rankles. However, black mold removal is something that should not be misunderstood. It's not like your regular dusting and cleaning. You are not allowed to scrape off the black mold. Remember that black molds are toxic. They are called so because they contain with them mycotoxins which are byproducts of their metabolism. Mycotoxins are contained in mold spores that are easily detached from the black mold and can contaminate the circulating air. Scraping the mold would only lead to accidental inhalation and ingestion of the mold spores. When inhaled, the mycotoxins in molds spores can cause cough, allergic reactions, skin rashes, hemoptysis (coughing out of blood), respiratory tract infection, conjunctivitis or eye irritation, nausea and vomiting, and fatigue to an immunocompromised host and a lot more potentially life threatening ailments. Black mold removal is not safe especially when done the wrong way. Scrupulous mold removal with the use of fungicides and antimicrobial agents are the best means to remove the mold infestation. Your initial step to make is to locate and eliminate the source of cultivation. In the case of molds, their life source comes from moisture and humidity. If the cause of, black mold growth is pipe leaks, fix it. Once the problem is fixed, you can now proceed with the black mold removal. Firstly, contain the black mold in one area by preventing it from spreading into uncontaminated areas. So how can you contain black mold? By making wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling plastic sheeting around the mold growth, you will be able to contain the black mold. Dry up the area to prevent the moisture from sipping in further by using dehumidifiers. The use of standard electric fans is not advisable as fanning can cause the mold spores to spread and contaminate the air. Once the black mold is contained and the work area is dried, you are now ready to go the next step of black mold removal; the killing of the mold. With proper protective shield such as gloves, mask, eye shields, biohazard suits, start the killing of the black mold by fogging or spraying the area with all organic and natural fungicides and home remedies for killing mold. Natural forms of mold killing agents are safer and advocates green living. Bleaches are not advisable as they can't kill molds. Let the fungicides stay for an hour to ascertain optimum mold killing. Once the toxic molds are killed, you may now proceed with the removal of the mold. Black mold removal is done by scrubbing the area with mold cleaners that are advocated by the EPA. Once the molds are fully removed, get rid of the materials that are contaminated and replace them with materials that do not permit mold growth to prevent the mold from coming back. Prevention is the last and final step of the black mold removal process. Removing mold is one sure way to guarantee the safety of you and your family's health. If you are uncertain as how to implement the black mold removal process, you may contact the black mold removal experts like Certified Mold Inspections Inc. CMI have been in the business of mold removal for over a decade and is the leading black mold removal expert in New York, offering services like fumigation, mold inspections, mold testing and a lot more.
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