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Black Mold Removal 101 - Do-It-Yourself Or Call

by:Yougo      2020-10-11
There are a number of homes across the country that suffer from a near infestation of black mold fungi. The thing that many people are unaware of is the danger that this can pose to those living in a house where this type of mold is present. It is essential that black mold removal become a priority to ensure the continuing health of those in the home. Medical problems such as asthma, chronic headache, and other serious lung disorders can arise if a person is subjected to the mold for extended periods of time. Safety First Because black mold can be such a deadly fungus to deal with, the proper safety precautions should always be taken when affecting its removal. Also, since chemicals will be involved, safety clothing for chemicals should also be considered during the process. If the proper precautions are taken, then it is very safe to remove black mold from your home. The most dangerous thing you will likely encounter is in not getting all of it removed, thus allowing it to grow and spread again. When to Call a Pro If you have already tried the removal process in your home and failed, then it is probably time to call in a professional to do it for you. If you are unsure of the entire process involved, or if you have concern with your ability to get to all of the areas where it is growing, it is probably a good time to call a pro. The other time when it is extremely wise for a professional to take care of removing the fungi for you is if there is a person in the home that is allergic to it. Some people can have quick and deadly reactions to this type of mold. The best thing to do is call in a professional to guarantee that possible exposure is minimized as well as total removal is ensured. Professionals will use a variety of chemicals that may not be available to the average person. They use these chemicals all the time when removing mold. They will usually tell you when they will be in your home and how long it will take. It is best if you plan to be at another location for this process so as to prevent exposure to either the mold or the chemicals used to remove it. Prevention Once you have removed the mold from your home, the best thing you can do is prevent it from beginning to grow again. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Typically, regular visual inspection will be a great indicator if the mold begins to grow again, but if you use anti-fungal cleaners it should inhibit the growth. Another method would be to use primers and paints that help inhibit mold and mildew growth. Lastly, installing a dehumidifier in the area where the mold was present should help in keeping the climate hostile to black mold.
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