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Black Mold Growth And Its Adverse Effects

by:Yougo      2020-10-14
Black mold is a type of fungi that usually grows in damp environments and looks like a powdery substance. It can easily grow on carpets, clothes, walls, furniture, air conditioners and any other equipment where there is enough light and humidity which are the ideal conditions for its growth. If immediate action is not taken to eradicate this poisonous menace it can grow very fast causing health risks to humans, many of whom suffer from its poison every year. Any signs of moisture or damp patches on surfaces such as walls and wood can be taken as an indication of mold growth which will spread out and turn a greenish black or brown in color that gives out a very distinctive musty odor. Black mold is extremely bad for anyone with a respiratory problem and can adversely affect those who are allergic to change in weather conditions that exacerbate their illness. If someone in your house falls sick with a respiratory related problem there's a more than an average possibility of growth of black mold in your house. Black mold is a type of parasitic organism that makes use of nutrients that grow on the surface and the chemical reaction that takes place in the process causes Volatile Organic Compounds which can be extremely detrimental to the health of anyone suffering from respiratory problems and even to others or who are normally healthy. Continuous exposure to this poisonous compound formed through black mold normally causes irritation of the mucous membrane that can lead to various sicknesses such as headaches, cough, vision and skin problems, loss of memory, nausea, lethargy and even lung hemorrhage in extreme cases. Black mold poisoning can also cause asthma, damage to the digestion system, fluctuation of blood pressure while also affecting the liver and other internal organs. Research has also discovered that infertility could also be caused by prolonged exposure to the effects of black mold poisoning. People with weak immunity are said to be more likely to be affected by black since the moment such persons come into contact with this poisonous substance it starts to grow on their tissues and attack the respiratory tract causing lots of health issues that can take a long time to cure. Therefore it's very important to ensure that its growth is controlled and in order to do so, there are a few guidelines to be follows: - Dampness being one of the key factors in the growth of black mold, keeping an eye on the level of humidity that causes damp conditions can help to keep it at bay. You can do so by dehumidifying your home when humidity levels are high. - Make sure that your air conditioners and ventilation ducts are cleaned regularly since it can grow in these places without your knowledge. - Bathroom tiles, appliances and curtains should be kept very clean since these are conducive to growth of black mold due to the high level of moisture content. - Use of air purifiers can help contain it to a great extent. As you can see, there are many ways to counteract its growth and adverse effects. By taking adequate measures to control this menace, quick action must be taken, especially to avoid being sick due to exposure to black mold and its poisonous effects.
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