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Benefits of Plastic Bottles Recycling

by:Yougo      2020-10-18
Undoubtedly, plastic is an important part of our daily lives. We make use of different types of bottles in our day to day life. Out of all, plastic bottles are the one used on a large scale. Most of the people prefer to use these bottles because of their light nature. Another major reason for their increased use is the fact that the bottles do not break easily as compared to other glass bottles. The best part is, it is very easy to recycle plastic bottles after use. Why should we recycle plastic bottles? Is plastic bottles recycling beneficial for the environment? These are some of the basic questions that usually strike our mind when we think about plastic bottle recycling. Recycling is defined as the process of processing used materials into new products. Let us discuss the benefits of the process in detail: Conservation of energy The first and the foremost benefit of the process is the conservation of energy. We all are aware of the fact that recycling process consumes very less energy. Making new plastic products using raw materials requires a large amount of energy than producing the one from recycled materials. The energy consumed in the latter is around two-thirds less than the former. Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions Recycling products takes less processing time. This means less energy is required and thus less pollution is produced. In other words, the substitution of recycled products decreases the greenhouse gas emissions, which are produced in the building of virgin materials. Saves landfill space The process also saves the landfill space. Conservation of oil Another major benefit offered by the recycling process is that of oil conservation. We all agree that rise in the oil prices affects a common man to a large extent. This in turn results in the rise of food prices, gas prices and various other commodities. A large amount of oil can be saved by the recycling of plastic materials. Thus, by doing so, the situation can be brought under control. Hence, it becomes clear from the above discussion that plastic bottle recycling plays an increasingly important role of environment preservation for future generation. So, all of us should support the government and various other organizations in doing the same. By doing so, we can make a big contribution in making our environment healthy and hygienic for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Come forward and save the environment.
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