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Aluminium Plates Know Different Processes To Make

by:Yougo      2020-10-24
When we discuss about different metals and its usage, then we should not forget about the commercial, industrial and residential use of Aluminum. When this metal is passed with high pressure, then it loses its shape and turns longer and thinner in the direction of its movement. With this simple kind of process, we get different forms of aluminum plates, foils and sheets. In this kind of process, Aluminum is rolled again and again, until it reaches the desired thickness and form. After the rolling process is done, then the final product from this metal shows the result whether it will be plate (thickness=0.25 inch or more), foil (thickness=0.0079 or less) and sheet (thickness= 0.249 to 0.006 inch). Rolling takes place when sheet ingots with the weight of 20 tons are preheated for making them easier to mold. When the size of the rolling mills increase, the size of these ingots also get increased simultaneously. And, we should know that the size of a typical ingot ranges from 6 feet wide, 20 feet long and more than 2 feet thick. When this kind of ingot is passed through the rolling process and inside the breakdown mill, it gets rolled back and forth, until it reaches the thickness of few inches. During this process, few of these plates are being removed and they are made ready for the shipment. Then this kind of plate is pre-heated and it is quickly quenched or cooled, in order to get the added strength. And, then these plates are stretched to strengthen and relieve internal stress. And finally, the plate goes for the trimming and it is aged at the desired temperature, when its final properties are developed. These aluminum plates are slated in order to turn them into sheet and the foil is trimmed when it leaves the breakdown mill and it goes through the continuous mill, which can reduce the further thickness. After this procedure, thickness of the sheet is coiled. Then the coiled sheet is heated in a furnace in order to soften it for cold rolling process. This cold rolling is final step for few sheets. But for few other types, which are known as heat-treatable, have to go through further elevated-temperature in order to increase the strength. When it is the matter of 6061 aluminum plate, then it is found to be used in different heavy-duty manufacturing unit. This kind of 6061 aluminum plate is used as the corrosion resistant product for railroad cars, pipelines, wire products, tank fittings and in many other places.
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