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6 Tips to Prevent Falling in The Shower

by:Yougo      2020-10-29
1 - Never go for slippery tubs or floors You will see shower designs wherein the knob is also placed where the bath tub is. This increases the risk of falling whilst taking a bath especially when you have a slippery tub. It will help if the tub is kept clean all the time to prevent the build up of mould and mildew. These are common causes of having a slippery tub. In cases when you are showering on a tiled floor, you also have to see to it that the area is not slippery to avoid tripping. 2 - Invest in bathroom accessories that can prevent tripping If you have a bath tub, it will be best to have bathtub rails. This can help you enter the shower with much ease. All you need to do is to hold unto these rails. Add to this, you should also consider having shower chairs inside the bathroom. These can be of great help for comfort and safety when taking a bath. 3 - You may also need to install tension poles Aside from having a shower chair, you can also have tension poles included in your bathroom. These provisions can be placed in between the bathroom's ceiling and floor. A professional can do this job for you. The pole can act as your support when you need to move around whilst you are taking a bath. 4 - Do not rush whilst taking a bath We have to admit that some of us rush into the process of taking a bath. We might be in a hurry to go to work and we only have a few minutes of our time to spend showering. Therefore, the tendency is we rush into the process. When this happens, the risk of falling heightens even when you already have a shower chair to support you. 5 - Ask support from others when needed Oldies may need to ask support from a loved one whilst taking a bath. It would be very hard to go under the waters when you cannot stand still anymore. You cannot just use your shower chair just to have support whilst taking a bath. Let somebody else lend a hand. 6 - Make sure your shower chairs do not move whilst you take a bath In this regard, you are advised to see to it that the rollers are locked in place. If you have a retractable chair, you also have to make sure that the snap locks into its position before you make use of it. These are six tips that will help prevent falling in a shower. You have to bear all these things in mind if you want to assure safety when using a shower chair.
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