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600 Meltblown die
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Yougo Mould has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. mold maker has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.The products we produce are in strict line with the . Their high quality is guaranteed through reliable material sourcing and strict QC methods.Compared with other products in the same category, mold maker has outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following points.
Company Advantages
1. The production process of Yougo goes through real-time inspection. In nearly every production stage, random inspection in terms of the fiber quality, weaving quality, colorfastness to washing or rubbing, as well as overall tensile strength is strictly carried out.
2. In a flock of , has many good virtues such as [拓展关键词.
3. The flexibility of the machine tool can be increased by the use of special attachments of this product, thereby productivity will be increased.
4. The product provides customers with more detailed receipts rather than just a slip of paper with the date and the amount of the sale.

PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Spinneret Extruding Mould Die


Melt-blown spinning is to blow a molten polymer through a high-temperature high-speed gas to refine the polymer into a filament to form a nonwoven fabric.

1. Stainless steel wear resistant and corrosion resistant.
2. Hole number encryption, more output, energy efficient.
3. L/D( Length to diameter ratio) of 1:15, not easy to deform and long service life, reducing replacement costs
4. Automated machining center production, spinneret detail is perfect.
5. Innovative static mixer design for more uniform discharge.


Melt blown die head

1. Encrypted holes, more output
2. 1:15 aspect ratio, making strength and hardness higher, not easy to deform
3. CNC high-speed machining center processing, the hole wall is smoother and more refined.
4.Innovative design of the deflector, more uniform discharge, better quality silk.
5.Available in a variety of materials, any detail can be customized, meet your needs

Meltblown principle: the melting polypropylene, driven by pressure and air flow, forms tiny fibers, which are then sprayed onto the object and bonded into cloth. The spinneret is the core part of the melt blown fabric equipment. There are many spinnerets on the die for the melt to pass through. Its production and processing are very important, which is related to the production efficiency and quality of the melt blown fabrics. There are more than 300 ~ 2000 micropores in different die sizes. According to the different application level of the melt blown fabrics, the micropore diameter also has the size difference. 

For N95 mask which is in short supply at present, its aperture should be 0.2mm or less.

Conventional models 600MM, 800MM, 1200MM can also be customized in different widths according to customer requirements to meet different production line configurations and process requirements.





Company Features
1. Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd has become the largest production base for in Pearl River Delta.
2. Our is independently developed and reach the world's advanced level.
3. Yougo has a great objective to achieve to be a famous brand in market. Ask online! The high quality will never disappoint you. Ask online! Yougo brand commits to the wonderful vision of being a competitive manufacturer. Ask online!
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Yougo is carefully designed. It must be refined to remove impurities and further develop its full luster potential. The product has been certified under CE and UL
Yougo is required to go through a range of tests. It has passed the tests such as drop or shock testing, hardness testing, mechanical properties, and mechanism cycling movement endurance. The product is able to withstand lots of wear and tear
Yougo is designed using a variety of techniques. Its design is with the add of the CAD system, CNC machine tool processing, hydraulic pneumatic transmission, plc function design, etc. This product adds great female charm and attractiveness
Yougo is designed in a professional manner. The contour, proportions and decorative details are considered by both furniture designers and draftsmen who are both experts in this field. All of its edges have been rounded to guarantee no injury to the skin
Yougo has a unique design. It is by our designer to choose an outline, and use new fabric, new color, fabric operation, and other structure. It is a perfect gift on Mother’s Day, birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, or engagement
The precise dimension advantage of the product is renowned. It is fabricated adopting the CNC machines which guarantee its accuracy in size and shape. This product is lead-free and nickel-free, hence it's safe to use
This product is the best choice for warmth on a cold night. It is perfectly suitable for an adult or children's bedroom or guest room. It is tough enough to resist bending
This product is hypoallergenic. All allergens that caused by dyes, chemicals or other additives can be eliminated in the process of the production. The product has the utmost weatherability and chemical resistance
This product works only needing little energy. It can guarantee the desired working efficiency with much less power consumption. The manual polishing process has greatly improved its shine and reflection
The product is reliable in operation. It is able to perform the most powerful operations without excessive deflection of its support components. The manual polishing process has greatly improved its shine and reflection
The product is soft and flexible. Mechanical extrusion and friction between the fibers and the yarns increase the ductility of the fabric. The silver materials used in this product reaches the highest purity
Yougo has been highly recommended not only the good quality of but also the professional service. The product is able to withstand lots of wear and tear
Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd ensures that the products are flawless and trouble-free before leaving the factory and give customers better quality assurance. This product is especially suitable for collection
Moving into the new century, Yougo remains fully committed to innovation. The product has been certified under CE and UL
Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd has been adhering to the purpose of providing high quality products for customers. It is proved to be body-safe after rigorous contact test
Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd can provide one-stop purchase and solution service for our customers. This product adds great female charm and attractiveness
The international market has already occupied a relatively big share of Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd's overall sales. Featuring great elegance and fashion, the product is designed to keep up with the latest trend in jewelry circles
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