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1. Yougo is designed under the guidance of skilled engineers with vast experience in this domain. Yougo - Only make the perfect mold
2. To customers, Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd is committed to integrity and professional service standards. Durable & Easy to use & Sturdy
3. Because we always adhere to the 'quality first', product quality is fully guaranteed. Finely finished, Soundly built
4. This product meets the most stringent quality requirements and can be used for a long time. Premium molding starts from Yougo

PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Spinneret Extruding Mould Die


Melt-blown spinning is to blow a molten polymer through a high-temperature high-speed gas to refine the polymer into a filament to form a nonwoven fabric.

1. Stainless steel wear resistant and corrosion resistant.
2. Hole number encryption, more output, energy efficient.
3. L/D( Length to diameter ratio) of 1:15, not easy to deform and long service life, reducing replacement costs
4. Automated machining center production, spinneret detail is perfect.
5. Innovative static mixer design for more uniform discharge.


Melt blown die head

1. Encrypted holes, more output
2. 1:15 aspect ratio, making strength and hardness higher, not easy to deform
3. CNC high-speed machining center processing, the hole wall is smoother and more refined.
4.Innovative design of the deflector, more uniform discharge, better quality silk.
5.Available in a variety of materials, any detail can be customized, meet your needs






Company Features
1. Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd is a producing company that offers satisfactory and professional solutions for every one of our customers.
2. With rich R&D experience, Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd has done a good performance in launching new products.
3. We implement a service- and customer-oriented business strategy. We will invest more in the cultivation of skilled customer service team, aiming to provide customers targeted and valuable services.
The production process of Yougo involves several stages. Its battery part will be inspected, welded, tandem connected, stamped, tested in high pressure, etc. Kenwei packaging machine records less than 0.5% failure rate within 1 year
Yougo is scientifically designed. The cells of it are carefully investigated to achieve maximum sunlight conversion and solar energy storage capacity. Quality control from material to finished product is taken strictly over Kenwei packaging machine
Yougo is manufactured with the cutting-edge commercial water purification systems which are able to meet the most demanding water treatment requirements. It is a great variety of Kenwei packaging machines for choices
Yougo is manufactured with quality materials. Suitable fabrics, coatings, and UV protected threads are used for the intended purpose and life expectancy. Operation of Kenwei packaging machine is safe and reliable
Yougo is the outcome of scientific knowledge. The theory of human engineering and the features of pool cleaning are taken into consideration in its design. Each Kenwei packaging machine is aging-tested for 7 days before delivery
The product features excellent color fastness. It is good at retaining color in the condition of washing, light, sublimation, and rubbing. Each Kenwei packaging machine runs stably
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