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Sonax Car Care And Cleaning Products Complete Guide

by:Yougo      2020-07-06
Sonax is the first among car care and cleaning products. Apart from being a world leader in car care products, Sonax takes care of all your car care and cleaning needs with a wide range of products to keep your car neat and shine. Not only do Sonax products clean your car but also protect and take care of the paint on your car and renews your dull paint with full of shine. Sonax car care products are equipped to handle event the toughest of dirt and grime like stuck-on insects, tree resin droplets, bird droppings and tar stains as well. Sonax has solutions for all your requirements to keep the car/bike clean and glossy throughout life. Whatever be your problem ranging from your paint, interior, dash board, upholstery, tires, wheels, engine bay, glass, plastic surfaces, SONAX has a solution. SONAX provides cleaning and protection solutions for your entire car. Exterior and Paintwork: Sonax car care products start off with the Outside (body), paintwork & chrome. SONAX makes sure that your paint remains the same from the moment you brought your car. Not only does it clean but also adds long-term protection for slightly dull paint. You can use it regularly and reap high gloss effect for dull, heavily weather-worn paint. Interior Car Care: Sonax makes sure that the interiors and windows are always kept in top shape and protected. It also removes any small scratches on plastic rear windows of convertibles and even removes dirt from hard to reach places from the insides of windows. Plastic parts care: Sonax ensures that the dirty panels, ceiling and all the plastic surfaces in the car interior are always as good as new and you never need to feel embarrassed the next time you offer someone a lift. Sonax cleans with a soft-feeling and leaves a deep effect on your plastic interiors. Tires, wheels, and rubber parts: Sonax also takes of the parts that are mostly ignored with full care. Even the most dirty alloy and steel rims can be cleaned and made to appear fresh and clean. SONAX Tire Fix brings you back on the road and flat tyre will be a thing of the past. All car rubber parts are taken care by the Acid-free Wheel Cleaner with Xtreme-Power that ensures your tires, wheels and other rubber parts get the much needed attention they deserve. If you thought this is it, Sonax also has solutions for rusted screws, corroded moving parts, squeaking and creaking noises, leakage in electrical circuits, heavily oxidized and lumpy engine oil residues. Starting difficulties, uneven idling and reduced acceleration, excessive oil consumption, engine failures are also covered by Sonax. If you still have any doubts, Sonax is also the official supplier for the WEST MCLAREN MERCEDES F1 team in the prestigious FORMULA ONE RACING which stands as a testimony to their world class quality. Every car is different from the other and similarly Sonax has a variety of Car care brands of Sonax products which are for car lovers who want nothing short of best performance.
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