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Some Possible Symptoms Of Black Mold

by:Yougo      2020-07-06
Black mold resides in the damp and the most unpleasant parts of our homes. Mold grows at a really fast rate and can overwhelm the entire house within a few days. This form of fungus is very toxic and can cause allergies to people as well as serious health conditions. If the humidity of your house is above 50%, there are high chances of development of symptoms associated with this dangerous fungus. The worst thing about black mold is that it hides in the little corners and no one is able to identify its presence until a person at home starts to get sick and shows symptoms of one or more of the diseases caused by it. Since the basement is one place where most of the water pipes are fixed, condensation rising from these pipes often goes undetected. In fact, you do not even realize that there are symptoms until you do not experience a problem with the pipes. When they discover leaks in the pipe, they concentrate more on fixing the leaks rather than getting rid of the growing toxic black molds. Odors and musty smells are the first symptoms of toxic black mold. This is because mold often grows in little corners or in places where you cannot get to it for cleaning, and thus, you are unable to detect them. However, getting odor does not necessarily mean that your house has been taken over by toxic mold, but it is definitely one of the major symptoms. If the odors are experienced when the air condition system is run, it is a serious toxic mold symptoms. You will find yellowish stains on the walls due to the occurrence of certain types of mold. This is another major symptom one needs to take into account. If the mold has a greenish color, and you notice that the paint is peeling off and a stain is underneath it, this is a serious problem. One way to find out if the walls are infected is by shining a black light on it. If the affected area gives a yellow glow, it is one of the symptoms of black mold on the wall. Black mold can pose serious health risks and can drag you in severe health conditions. It is therefore important that you treat it as soon as you discover it.
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