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Slip Resistant Flooring Alternatives

by:Yougo      2020-07-07
Slip resistant flooring is vital to possess within your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor patio space, or throughout the entire house if you have elderly people or the ones that are less than graceful surviving in your home. Slips and falls are a leading cause in accidents for individuals that work in kitchens as well as the elderly. Having some type of slip resistant flooring in your house is a simple key to making your space safer for everybody. There are several different choices for slip resistant flooring. If you choose to not have an absolutely new floor place in, there are other steps you can take. Here are some slip resistant flooring options that you have. Floor Mats- In several retail establishments and restaurants floor mats can be used for non-slip purposes. These floor mats are made of a thick, cushiony material providing you with back and hip support when standing for long periods of time is a dependence on the job. Because they are rubber, the bottom of the mat absorbs any water which may be spilled on the floor as well as the person standing on it is protected from slipping or falling. However, these floor mats do not cover the complete floor so slips and falls can continue to occur. Epoxy Flooring- Epoxy flooring is a covering which can be added to the top of the your floors already in position. It is a silicone application that is often mixed with sand or any other gritty material in order that slipping is minimal. It is not any further comfortable to stand on for very long periods than regular concrete flooring but it does prevent falling making it safer than tiles or vinyl that may become a hazard when it gets wet. This can be a great material for garage floors and outdoor patio spaces that may become cold and slick with the change of the weather. Carpeting- Usually made of an artificial wool material, carpeting is the ultimate protector in slipping hazards within the home. This is the most preferred choice for seniors because there's usually some level of padding beneath the carpeting that produces a cushion as well as creating heat-making joints ache less, hips, and ankles more unlikely to give out. Carpet is an absorbing material, however. While you will not slip and fall on it, it will absorb any water or other liquid that is spilled on it. There are many types of carpeting you could pick from, according to your individual preferences. Outdoor and indoor carpeting as well as plush carpeting and Berber carpet are some of the options. Rubber Flooring- Although this is mostly recommended for industrial use, rubber flooring is also ideal for bathrooms. This flooring is slip resistant so that you don't need to use rugs or another material to keep it slip proof. Rubber flooring is also insect repelling so that you don't have to be worried about moths or other insects eating the ground from underneath you and it's allergy free. It provides a built-in anti-microbial propensity so that bacteria and mold as well as other allergens cannot grow on its surface.
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