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Mold - A Deadly Threat to Health

by:Yougo      2020-08-08
Excessive moisture or wet spaces in homes are a perfect setting for mold growth, especially if the moisture conditions continue unabated or are not addressed. Mold spores are found in both indoor and outdoor air and surfaces. When these spores land on a damp spot, they multiply by digesting whatever they are growing on for survival. By controlling the moisture content in homes, all mold spores present indoors can be removed. Since mold grows in moist, poorly lit places, the key is to control moisture in such areas. Areas like basements, bathroom sinks or tiles and leaky water fountain areas are some common areas in homes prone to mold growth. Plumbing faults, roof leakages, floods, heavy rains and malfunctioning humidification systems also foster conditions for it's growth. Any of these problems must be addressed at the earliest to reduce the damage and eliminate mold growth. In Freehold, mold removal services are available by experts in the field. How does mold affect our health? For people who are sensitive to mildew, exposure to molds can cause symptoms such as nasal irritation, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin rashes. Some people with serious allergies to molds may have more severe reactions. Workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings may experience severe reactions. For example, farmers working around moldy hay farms might show severe reactions to it. Its infection symptoms may include fever and difficulty breathing. People with chronic lung disease may develop infection in their lungs. Some common health problems associated with molds: Allergy-Touching or inhaling it can cause immediate or delayed allergic reactions such as sneezing, redness in eyes, watery nose, and skin rash. Asthma- It can set off asthma attacks in people allergic to molds. Its irritants can worsen asthma in people not allergic to it as well. Effects of Irritants- Its exposure is known to cause irritation or burning of eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Opportunistic Infections- Its infections can be more serious for people with a weak immune system. For example, immune-compromised children are prone to Trichoderma. Although, healthy people are not that vulnerable to opportunistic infections, It may be the cause for some common yeast infections. It may produce toxic substances called mycotoxins. These may produce several toxins, and some produce mycotoxins only under certain settings. A professional mold removal company inspects and finds out the level of their growth, type of mold and then plans its removal. In Freehold, mold removal companies assess, plan and execute the process with world-class training and state-of-the-art equipment. Meta-description: Areas in homes with excessive moisture foster mold growth. By controlling moisture, molds and mold spores can be eliminated. Molds can cause allergy, trigger asthma, act as irritants, and also result in opportunistic infections in certain cases. Mold removal by professionals is critical to avoid its negative effects on health.
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