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Kunshan Decisive Year of Modern Taiwan Business Leaders

by:Yougo      2020-08-18
This year is basically realize modernization Kunshan, a decisive year. Kunshan is a Taiwan-funded enterprises intensive areas, the majority of Taiwan-funded enterprises to actively integrate into the Kunshan development, active restructuring, a positive innovation; Taiwan Affairs Office and other services initiative as, guide, to form a good momentum of development. Taiwan Affairs Office to 'Taiwan House' more warm This year is taking the lead in realizing modernization in Kunshan City, a decisive year. Kunshan is a Taiwan-funded enterprises intensive areas of work as a department in charge of Taiwan Kunshan City, Kunshan Taiwan Affairs Office of Taiwan enterprises in boosting upgrade and strengthen cooperation with Taiwan Kun what new initiatives? Taiwan Affairs Office Director Wang Jianfen Kunshan City, said the Taiwan Affairs Office will Kunshan City first ten (expanded) to enhance the international conference proposed by the strategic requirements of success of the 'butt of Taiwan' strategy related work, as the 'five-second 'Planning a good beginning for the lead in realizing modernization and make new contributions. Specific work, carefully organized to Taiwan's major thematic investment promotion activities, and deepen cooperation in Queensland Taiwan, aimed at advanced industry, high-end, leading enterprises and major projects to ensure greater effectiveness, the formation of greater impact; to run across the Taiwan Strait Industry Co-operation Forum, to play the role of think tanks both sides, so that cross-strait industrial development in Kunshan, the upper hand, advantage; implement to promote Taiwan-funded enterprises to upgrade 28 of the policy, financial support, technological innovation, science and technology project application, personnel training, development and other aspects of domestic sales continue to be vigorously support and promote electronic business, the two sides logistics logistics network, such as carbon footprint, check the further implementation of the project, and according to Taiwan-funded enterprises to upgrade the actual transformation and upgrading of the increased demand for support of new projects started Desk of the excellent brand, 'Taiwan House' more warm. Compal full force restructuring and development Last year, the Compal Group, the total import and export accounted for 31% of the city. This year is taking the lead in realizing modernization in Kunshan City, a decisive year, Compal Group has long been eager to start. Compal Group, a special assistant to Zhang Yongnan global chief operating officer, said this year the Group Compal notebook shipments expected to reach 55 million units, sales will exceed 200 billion yuan. Compal Group's rapid growth is not only reflected in the quantity, but also in qualitative. OEM model from low value-added high-tech transformation of the ODM model, Compal Group is actively extending the research and development. Last year, the independent R & D centers operating Compal has more than 1,500 R & D personnel. While in strengthening R & D, Compal Group is also actively expanding the other end of the smile curve. Last year, the Compal Group headquarters in investment zone, and the establishment of Compal Investment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu, the first investment in the registered capital of $ 40,000,000. 'In the same notebook OEM Compal Group is also actively expanding to the relevant industries, multi-angle operation.' Zhang Yongnan said. Currently, the Compal Group and South Korea LGD Company (LG Display) display joint venture Lok Po Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., mainly produces notebook LCD display module; Compal Group, the investment company is actively preparing for the permanent Hao, the main production touch control panel; Compal Group, LCD TV plant Pakistani city has started. Meanwhile, the Compal Group is actively involved in developing a new generation LED TV. Kunshan set foot in the lead in realizing modernization journey at the same time, Compal within the group already in the enterprise modernization, automation of production lines moving enough brains. Zhang Yongnan introduced Compal invested tens of millions each year for the automation of production equipment and improve production efficiency, to promote the process more accurate, automatic and economy, planning can be achieved in the next few years, the goal of saving 30% of the workforce. Caijing development of more 'exciting' About Caijing Optoelectronics Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., here is a busy scene of orderly production. From a focus on digital camera production to get involved in photography, automotive, medical and other fields, from OEM to have own brand, diversified development strategies, along with the Kunshan modernization journey. Caijing Optoelectronics Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was established in July 2001, is a specialized company engaged in integrated optical images. Up to now, the company has a total production of cameras 80 million units, accounting for 15% of the global camera market. 'Do cameras, Caijing has done a very high-end optical, very professional, but to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, our vision must be broader, more long-term, we must march to the new areas.' Caijing optical Vice Chairman Steve Chou said that 2011 is a big step forward to modern Kunshan year, Caijing also step into the optical field to a multi-year. In addition to the camera to continue to expand areas of production, the Caijing Optoelectronics will reach to the automotive, medical equipment, and other areas of extension. Caijing photoelectric current and the two car companies have reached an agreement, and large medical device companies in Europe 'marriage.' Steve Chou say the current color crystal photovoltaic plant is under construction the second phase, after the completion of its annual capacity from the current 2,000 raised to 1800 ~ 3000 ~ 3500. 'In 2011, the goal is to Caijing optical output up 40%. 'Second five' period, Caijing optical camera to do well the main industries on the one hand, on the one hand want to foster in many fields over a billion of annual output value of new industries to form a new growth point. 'Steve Chou said. Source and the Kunshan development into the 'click' Kunshan source into the plastics company's chairman, Chen came in and said, 'I've been to many countries and regions can also be said to be relatively high degree of modernization of the region. A common feature: to maintain a good ecological environment, full of lies to show . Kunshan modern to learn from these practices, good environment, beautiful waters as far as possible retained. If you miss the modernization of the past just let the good times, there is definitely a deficiency of. ' Chen came in that the transition from an agricultural to an industrial society, we must pay the price, but must keep up with remedial measures. Which planning is paramount. Kunshan city's goal of building a modern and exciting, but with Suzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan, Yangtze River Delta's butt must be open, organic, ecological. Specific pollution control business, not only the government should focus on strengthening, but also to mobilize the corporate social responsibility, and consciously protect the environment. Chen came in introduced into the source of the company is mainly engaged in mold manufacturing, rapid development in Kunshan. Investment that year only 700 million, now has two businesses. But the face of goal and the Kunshan development of new business practice, in recent years has been restructuring and upgrading. Last year, the company invested nearly 4,000 million to strengthen equipment modification, to enhance efficiency, reducing pollution. 'Enterprises are restructuring and the Kunshan development is to 'tune'.' Chen came in and said.
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