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Killing Mold - Does Not Have To Cost A Fortune

by:Yougo      2020-08-19
How can I kill mold? I answer this question time and time again. It is not a particularly difficult task because mold is not the most resilient living organism on this earth and there are numerous ways in which you can achieve your goal of killing it. Whilst killing existing mold is fairly simple the biggest problem most households encounter is recurring the growth. The reason for this is that it produces spores, which become airborne and provided the conditions within a part of your home are right these will quickly germinate and new mold growth will appear. There are a huge number of products you can use to kill mold. Large quantities of commercial products are widely available which will no doubt do the job of killing the mold. However, many these can be fairly toxic, bleach will also kill it successfully but this is extremely harsh and can end up damaging surfaces or floor coverings. Many, safer, household items - which probably cost less than commercial products - will do a fantastic job of killing mold. Here are some you can use. Now that you have succeeded in killing the mold it is time to take steps to prevent it from returning. To do this you must Take steps to ensure that any mold spores do not find conditions which will encourage them to germinate once again. To to ensure this you must strive to keep humidity levels in your home to a minimum. This can be achieved by simply opening a window to increase ventilation, installing an extractor fan - particularly in rooms where a lot of steam and condensation is generated like bathrooms and kitchens. Perhaps the use of a dehumidifier would beneficial in damp areas. The second cause of mold growth is dampness/wetness caused by water seeping into the building. This may be caused by cracks in outer walls, leaking gutters or roofs or indeed, leaking pipes which have gone un-noticed. Wet or damp conditions of any kind will support mold growth. So, frequent maintenance checks are invaluable in ensuring mold is eradicated from your home for good. If you can achieve the atmosphere in your property warm and not too humid you should stay mold free!
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