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Current Trends in Blow Moulding

by:Yougo      2020-09-25
Generally in the process of blow moulding, variety of hollow plastic containers of various dimensions, patterns are manufactured. With the popularity of the blow moulded plastic in industries today the reach of blow moulding machines has improved due to which the manufacturers have also increased in India. What are the types of machines used? There are various types machines are available in the Indian market. But the current trend promotes the prestretch variety. The advantages of using this kind of machine is the clear and robust plastic products are created. Such products are in demand in the pharmaceutical industry to store various kinds of liquid, solid as well as powdered drugs. Pre-stretch blow moulding machines are witnessing high demand especially in pharmaceutical industry currently as it is only method which offers to construct strong and clear plastic storage and packaging products. With the popularity of the moulding technique there is a tremendous boom as the process helps enhancing profits and helps to save resources. The tools used are simple and do not require any special maintenance or installation as many manufacturers have understood the potential as well as the returns with the adoption of the blow moulding process. Influence on Plastic In comparison to other techniques the approach of blow moulding machines is accepted largely by industries as plastic is moulding as the dominant material in comparison to metal. The popularity of metal is declining slowly with the constant hike and its corrosive properties are persuading packing industries to use plastic over metal. Slow yet steadily all the industries are expressing their dependence on blow moulding machines, however with the advancement of technology blow moulded plastic is also replacing tin, aluminium and a wide range of other packaging materials. Improvement of the Technology With the popularity the technological approach blow moulding techniques have evolved and transformed the packaging industry, this has drastically impacted to preserve the lives of various products. This technique ensures that there is minimal wastage in comparison to other processes. With the potential and the performance the machines deliver many manufacturers are choosing these kinds of machines to improve the performance as well as save costs on packaging and enhance the shelf life of variety of products. Choosing Materials With the adoption of the techniques more and more industries are accepting automation to attain new horizons. Some of the commonly used polymer materials are Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl and Poly-carbonate etc. The materials chosen for initiating the process of moulding technique should adhere some of the basic requirements which are listed below elaborately Thermal: In order to be suitable material used should exhibit thermal stability.Fluid: On subjection to heat or pressure the materials should melt and mime fluid like existence.Stretch: Most importantly the material stretch as this helps in giving the shape and dimension to products during blow moulding.Compatible: Materials during blow moulding, should be compatible with additives for example master batches, pigments etc.Consistent: Exhibiting this property is very important, so always verify consistency of materials.Stress resistance: To attain a specific structure materials are subjected under particular amount of stress, so only materials which can withstand high stress levels are ideal.
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