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Compact Design Seed Germination Chamber

by:Yougo      2020-09-29
Weiber Seed Germination chamber is exclusively designed for seed germination and development under contamination free controlled environment. Weiber test chamber offers precise and responsive temperature, lighting, and humidity control and also offers optional CO2 control. Weiber design and propose the best selection of Seed Germination Chamber to maximize the growth area facility. Seed Germination Chambers are ideal equipments which meets the international standard of scientific equipments. Acmas Technologies offers modular and compact design Seed Germination Test Chamber to best suit the requirement of seed germination in food industries. These enclosed high capacity chambers help the user to maintain controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity to ensure longevity storage. It has double door at front, allowing wide range storage of various seeds under controlled environment conditions. The door is lockable. Weiber combines user- friendliness and cost effectiveness with unequalled reliability and durability. The Germination Chamber stores the samples at constant temperatures: absolute reliability, precision and durability, and particularly environmentally friendly at the same time. It should protect seeds from excessive moisture and temperature favorable to both insect and mould development. It is emphasized to reduce the loss of seeds during and after harvest. Seeds are stored for varying periods to ensure proper and balanced public distribution throughout the year. Weiber Seed Germination Chamber is a complete self contained system designed to provide complete decontamination solutions for various applications. Seed Germinator is laboratory equipment which is used for the germination of seeds. Weiber Seed Germinators provides suitable varying atmospheric conditions for the seed germination; that can be created within the chambers without the need of going outside. Typically, these create an environment in which light, humidity and temperature are controlled to provide optimum conditions for the germination of seeds. Weiber manufacture a broad range of standard and custom-designed test chambers tailored to meet customer's design requirements. Weiber has engineered breakthrough technology that incorporates the best of traditional and accelerated production stress screening. Weiber is a renowned manufacturer in India and abroad which offers scientific equipments at the most economical rate. These scientific equipments are in high demand among the scientific community. Weiber believes in providing quality product instead of large numbers. Weiber ISO certified seed germinator are highly efficient, reduces time, and occupies less space. Seed Germination chambers can be customized according to users need. It offers a wide area of research and industrial application.
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