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Casting And Plastic Injection The Process

by:Yougo      2020-10-05
The injection molding is a process of industrial production of the fusion type, in which semi-liquid material is placed in a permanent form that mold, aided by a pressure 'injection'. Generally, the injection occurs at high pressures and temperatures that allow the flow of plasticized material already in the relevant section of the press. The mold is kept closed hydraulically or mechanically presses for these machines. The pressures are the order of several hundred bars and the force required to keep the mold closed. The typical machine cycle consists of the following phases: Loading and fusion: the screw turns taking the material to fall (in grains of size ranging from 1 to about 5 mm) from a hopper attached to the cylinder, the material moving towards the cylinder head, it melts due to heating of the cylinder and The accumulation of plastic material of the friction in the front of the cylinder is back screw determining the amount of material to be injected. The parts obtained in some cases requiring ancillary operations such as removal of the material injection attacks (spruce), debarring, drilling holes, etc., but often are perfectly finished. E 'possible to realize the co-molded metal inserts or threaded steel details that at the end of the process will be firmly embedded in the piece. In recent years saw the gradual introduction of electric type injection presses, which allow high-speed motion of the plans, noise, and low maintenance. Further extensions of the injection process are achieved mediated the construction of presses with multiple injection groups, able to inject two or more materials simultaneously, or at most with closure plans that allow the creation of multiple stages of molding molds rotating. The concept of operation, however, remains the same as described above, with the addition of any overlapping movements. The high cost of equipment needed to produce plastic parts (mold) called for the creation of software dedicated to the pre-design of the building, simulating highly complex algorithms, the molding process. The result of these calculations is usually very reliable and can be used to design the mold in a semi final. They are usually always required machine setups in mock trial. The client can also run individual jobs or use a system of targeted projects. In any case, a preparation step by step coaching staff will follow the entire production process, from creation to make the mold. Our value added is, however, the full and dedicated service to all our customers that makes our competitive and ever-expanding reality.
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