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Black Mold - How To Rid Your Home Of It

by:Yougo      2020-10-15
The infamous black mold has the reputation of causing death of babies from respiratory bleeding, and also contributes towards asthma and bronchitis. Although one or another type of mold is always present in the air as spores, not all have the potential to be dangerous for health. Luckily, black mold which is harmful for health is easily distinguishable, and with little effort and vigilance, it could be avoided or removed from houses. Moisture is a vital factor facilitating the growth of this type of mold. Hence the most common spots to look for them are places where there is water leakage. Damp environment nurtures this malicious mold. Areas of the house most prone to it are laundry rooms, ventilation system, beneath the wall paper, basements etc. Black mold is not only injurious to health; it can cause irreparable damage to the foundation and structure of the house. Eradication and further prevention is easier than you might think. Here are a few pointers to help you remove black mold from your home: - It's wise to verify the extent of the mold problem; if the infested area is small it can be handled all by you, if it has permeated through the walls and floor, it's better to call the professional fungal control service. - Locating the source of moisture and fixing it take you one step ahead of the mold. - Once you have started the mold removal project, sealing the area with plastic sheets and duct tape will prevent the spread of mold, since its spores become air borne and travel where the air takes them. - Bleach could be used to disinfect the mold affected area. One cup of bleach in one gallon of water is sufficient to wash the area. The bleach mixture could also be left to completely saturate the moldy area. - Dried mold spores are hazardous and should be removed with caution. Scratching or scraping the mold is not a good idea, since it can be inhaled and might cause respiratory problems. - Any contaminated material such as carpets, curtains etc should be sealed in plastic bags and thrown in a landfill. Finally, whenever you are contemplating a restoration program, repainting or exposing older bare wood, give the surface a good washing with a fungicide or 1:3 bleach and water solution to kill any growth. This is really an effective way for getting rid of black molds and for creating healthy environment for your family.
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